The University of Münster established the Innovation Office (AFO) to initiate and support collaborations between academia, society and industry. The AFO promotes the transfer of research, technology, knowledge and personnel from the University to the practical field, provides advice to entrepreneurs, publicises the University's performance and research potential, and works to surmount disciplinary and geographical obstacles. Research transfer – in the sense of technology transfer – also means finding industrial and commercial uses for products created at the University of Münster. But our mission consists of more than that: to make technology accessible and understandable through specific public relations methods.

The University's relationship with industry, and with the public sphere, is by no means a one-way street. Communication between them must be characterised by curiosity, openness and mutual respect. Only then can the barriers between the academic and non-academic world be dismantled and possible pitfalls avoided. In this way, science and society can form a bond which is beneficial to both.

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The team of the Innovation Office (AFO) makes it its task, in its daily work and within its possibilities, to contribute continuously and in the long term to the implementation of the 17 goals for sustainable development of the United Nations and to sensitize for a broad social awareness.