Doctoral candidates

Doctoral Candidates
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Are you a doctoral candidate?
Every day you work on earning your doctorate, the foundation of an academic career.

At Münster University doctoral candidates obtain the quali­fication for independent research work in a stimulating and ap­preciative environment. The University supports researchers, in early phases of their careers, in successfully completing their qualification – in an appropriate period of time and an appro­priate employment relationship.

Münster University supports doctoral candidates – both in struc­tured PhD programmes and in individual processes – through a range of human resources development measures. While the key to success for doctoral candidates lies in acquiring scientific competence within their area of research and their faculty, the University places a further focus in its human resources devel­opment for doctoral candidates on the acquisition of fundamental methodological knowledge and soft skills beyond the confines of their subject – paving the way for remaining long-term in re­search both inside and outside a university, or for switching to non-scientific professional fields. Here you can find suitable courses for your perspective as a doctoral candidate!