Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education

Themenfeld "Lehren und Lernen" | Basismodul | 8 AE

Target group: teachers of the WWU

Teaching at University can be inspiring, dynamic, fun and sometimes chaotic. It challenges you as a lecture to manage difficult teaching situations. In this workshop we focus on the reflexion of teaching roles in different settings. Additionally, we talk about how difficult it can be to change into the student's perspective. Therefore we work on the questions: what is the best way of learning and what does it mean for learning motivation?  We will define our own teacher’s role and relate the Constructive Alignment to our teaching reality in order to motivate our students and enable them to take exams successfully. More topics that need to be reflected on are the definition of learning outcomes as well as aspects of communication that we need in the classroom.

The most important part of the workshop consists in the interaction and having the opportunity to work on the participants’ own topics. You can propose topics and submit these with your registration.

Learning Outcomes:

 At the end of the course the participants

  • can identify and describe foundations of teaching and learning in higher education.
  • design their own teaching in a competence-oriented manner and design it according to the principle of constructive alignment.
  • can motivate and encourage students using a variety of techniques.

Form of work:

In the workshop content-related impulses alternate with development and discussion phases in individual, partner and group work.

Referent: Dr. Hendrik den Ouden, Research associate at the Centre for Teaching in Higher Education (ZHL)

This course will be held in English.// Diese Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.