• Equal Opportunity Commission

    Contact one of the following regarding equal opportunity issues: Prof. Dr. Christina Hoegen-Rohls


    for professors:

    Frau Prof. Dr. Christina Hoegen-Rohls

    for non-academic staff:


    for the non‐professorial academic staff:

    Frau Dr. Annette Hüffmeier

    for students:

    Frau Johanna Baumann

    Regular office hour for issues regarding equal opportunities: on appointment

  • Compatibility of family, care, career and studies

  • Working Group Queer

    The working group Queer consists of members of the Faculty of Protestant Theology who aim at making diversity more transparent at the faculty – within studies, during everyday university life and with each other.

    During regular meetings, members can reflect, plan, organize and be inspired.

    The working group Queer is a safe space and welcomes everyone to join, discuss and meet new people. There are also events beyond the faculty meetings in more casual settings. Everybody is welcome!

    For more information and further questions:



    Mentoringprogramm BigSis


  • Prevention of sexual harassment

    What is sexualized harassment?

    Definition according to § 3 para. 4 AGG:

    "Sexual harassment is (...) unwanted, sexually directed behavior, which includes unwanted sexual acts and requests to do so, sexually directed physical touching, remarks of a sexual nature, as well as unwanted showing and visible display of pornographic images, (if this) has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of the person concerned, in particular if an environment characterized by intimidation, hostility, humiliation, degradation or insults is created."

    Agreement: partnership conduct at University of Münster

    What are some avenues to pursue?

    Confidential points of contact in the department and at University of Münster.

    Equal Opportunity Officer

    Psychosocial service

    Counseling centers

    Confidential contact persons

    Works Council

    Staff council

    Non-confidential contact points

    AGG Complaints Office



    Important: The official channels do not have to be adhered to.


    Important Links:

    Contacts of the University of Münster in case of sexual harassment


    Aktion "Luisa ist  hier!"

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25th November: Stop violence against women!

WWU Münster positions itself on this international action day

25th of November is international action day to stop violence against women. It focuses on placing the threat of gender specific violence in the center of societal attention. To set a clear and widely visible example for the university’s clear position against female violence, an orange flag is run up on the main university building from 22.-25.November.

A nationwide help phone “Violence against women” offers anonymous counseling.

More information about the WWUs action day can be found here.

Kirsten Henkel
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Dr. habil. Sabine Plonz received the "Elizabeth-Gössmann-Prize" (10.12.19) for excellent work in the field of female and gender research.

The wishing table
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The wishing table
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