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Opening Hours

The opening hours of all library facilities are the same as the hours of the faculty building.

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Usage/ Borrowing

The library of the faculty of protestant theology is a reference library. Accordingly, books may be read in the library or partially copied. This allows all users uninterrupted access to the library’s resources. You may borrow books temporarily, though.

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You can peruse the entire inventory of the faculty's library via Disco and the ULB catalog.

Department Library

Director: T.B.A.

Library of the Faculty of Evangelical Theology

Acquisitions: Acquisitions is responsible for requisitioning and inventorying incoming materials.
Periodicals are also gathered here until they can be bound.
Circulation: Media items may be checked out at the circulation desk (Ausleihe) in the library's administrative office. The rules regarding the circulation of media are applicable and they may be found here [GER].
Collections: The library's collections currently consist of:
- c. 132.000 books
- c. 170 periodicals in continuing acquisition
- elctronic media (CDs, CD-ROM,  DVDs etc.)
- Micro materials (Microfilms, microfiche etc.)
- Slides
Contact: Frau Wollny
Frau Adelmann
Herr Stadelmann
(Library Administration)
Phone: +49 (0) 251 83-22523
CDs, CD-ROM, DVDs: Electronic media are not available in the open stocks, but are stored separately.
Databases: Electronic databases relevant to the field of theology may be accessed on research computers in the library.
Cataloging Department: In this department, the various media are cataloged online according to standards set by the discipline.
Catalogs: An alphabetical card catalog, a digitalized keyword card catalog (for all works up to 1987), and the electronic catalog of the university's library are all accessible here. In addition, a catalog devoted specifically to the libraries of the various institutes may be accessed here. However, electronic resources, such as E-books or E-journals are not included in the catalog of the institutes. These must be accessed through the main catalog of the university's library.
Hours: Library hours are identical to the department's opening hours.
Floorplan: A floorplan of library may be found on each floor of the building. ln addition, maps of the library's entire layout may be found in the entrance area and on the second floor near the catalogs.
Research: PC's for research are available next to the card catalog and in nine of the library's rooms: in the copier room in the basement (room 4) and in rooms 106A, 1068, 202, 205, 206, 301, 304, 322.
Returns: All checked-out media may be returned to the circulation desk (Ausleihe).
Call Numbers: The location of the media is identified by its call number.
Location: Rooms dedicated to the library are located throughout the entire building. Floorplans of where the various call numbers may be found have been placed in the entrance area and on the second floor.
Place Markers: Please fill out and insert a place-marker for every piece of media that you check out.
Periodicals: Current editions of periodicals may be found in room 106A. All editions from a given year are bound together and then placed in the stacks according to their call number. Prior to being bound, periodicals are collected in the acquisitions office of the library administration.