Information Regarding Academic Programs

On the following pages you will find important information regarding academic programs, for example: program requirements, the department's course offerings, funding opportunities, and information on the partner departments of the Erasmus Exchange Program. If you have any questions Dr. Sarah Riegert or Catharina Jacob would be glad to help you.

Any written final module examinations for bachelor’s degree students (teacher training act 2009 and 2018) take place after each semester. You may find information about respective dates and times on the notice boards inside the institute.

The exam office stores passed exam papers and offers appointments for reviewing corrected exams of any bachelor's degree program (teacher training act 2009 and 2018). You may request appointments with Mrs. Deimann (study advisor and exam office, room 110) during her opening hours (mo + tue 10-12 a.m./ wed 2-4 p.m.).

Important notice to all students of any teacher training degree programs:
Please consider attending additional and extraordinary courses and classes outside of your core studies.
We heartily encourage you to participate in the eclectic and manifold courses the University of Muenster has to offer. In order to retrieve an overview of these courses, click on protestant theology (bullet point 2.5.) in the course catalog, and then on optional courses.

Although it holds true that the aforementioned courses are neither obligatory nor a substitute for your must-take courses, listening in on differing topics aids in broadening your horizon. You may appreciate a varied perspective that deepens your personal, as well as your academic interests.