Funding Opportunities

  • BAföG

    Students who require a certificate of proof according to the §48 BAföG, please bring your form to the Department's BAföG-Beauftragten:

    Prof. Dr. Arnulf von Scheliha (Programs: church exam, Master's Degree, B2-Study Program)
     Prof. Dr. Antje Roggenkamp (Teaching Programs with the exception of B2)

    A BAföG-certificate of proof according to §9 can only be signed with the Student Admissions Office.

  • ProTalent- Grant Program of the WWU

    Pro Talent is based upon the North-Rhine-Westphalian Grant Program as well as the Federal Government's Germany Grant (Deutschlandstipendium). ProTalent applies to all students of the WWU who have had excellent grades, including beginning students whose previous grades indicate continuous academic excellence. Grantees receive 300€ each month.

    Selection criteria are first and foremost the academic achievement of the applicant. In addition, special successes, accolades, and awards as well as extra-school and extradisciplinary social engagement can be determining factors. The same is true of extenuating personal or family circumstances.

    Please be aware that the support via this University grant programme is not possible if you are already receiving a grant from another agency. That grant may not exceed 300€ on average per month.

    Further information and tips on the application can be found here. Only available in German.

  • University Prize of the Evangelischen Bundes

    The Evangelische Bund is the Evangelical Church in Germany's (EKD) confessional studies and ecumenical endeavors agency. It connects an Evangelical based orientation with an ecumenical interaction.

    Each year the Evanglische Bund grants the 'Hochschulpreis' (=university prize) for ecumenical theology and confessional studies, which is endowed with 500€ for exceptional work in a seminar or on an examination. Candidates need not be nominated; you may decide to apply on your own.

    Students of the discipline of Evangelical Theology may apply, provided that they come from the Evangelical Church's Districts of Westphalia or the Lippische Landeskirche. The application deadline each year is December 31st.

  • Excursion funds

    The KQV has drafted a key points paper to serve as a guideline for the future distribution of field trip funds.

    Cornerstone paper for the future distribution of excursion funds