Prospective Students

Are you interested in studying atht the Faculty of Protestant Theology in Münster? Our short movie may give a first impression. There is a multitude of various degree programmes, which can be studied at the faculty.

Degree Programs


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Marketing Campagin for the Vocation of Minister by the EKD

The Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) advertizes for the vocation of minister online. 20 regional churches support the campaign. It aspires to reach high school students and students of protestant theology. The website displays convenient information about possible studies and a potential career through movies and interviews, which give an introspective into the lifes of ministers. Online chats allow for dialogues.

"We intend to do more in order to inspire young folk for ecclesiastical careers. The job and the theological studies take on a vanguard role," says Praeses Annette Kurschus, vice president of the board of the church, marking the start of the online programme. Aside from the information, the website offers material to advance work with young people in associated churches. In the following years, the campaign shall extend to cover all ecclesiastical vocations, the protestant teaching profession, church music, community pedagogy and professional administrators.