The Friends and Booster Club of the Faculty of Protestant Theology Münster e.V. supports the work of the faculty at the University of Münster in research and teaching methods by providing resources and ideas.

Primarily, they provide means in order to:

  • boost scientific projects and community tasks at the Faculty of Protestant Theology
  • boost the scientific dialogue with other faculties and research centres nationally and abroad
  • and boost special measurements to further qualifications of students and junior researchers studying at the Faculty of Protestant Theology

The club works humanitarily and strives to maintain its goals as defined in the section „Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke“ (=tax-advantaged privileges) of the Tax Code. We welcome new members: the annual fee amounts to 30€; students, vicars and trainees pay 10€.

Membership is granted if applicants hand in a written request to the president:

Herrn Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Beintker

Wibbeltweg 10, 48612 Horstmar

Phone: +49 2558 / 1068

Award Ceremony

The Friends and Booster Club awards a prize during the semester graduation ceremony for

an excellent Advanced Seminar Paper

written at the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University. The prize is endowed with 500€.

Suggestions can be handed in until the 15th June and until the 22nd December of each year, respectively, via the dean’s office and entrusted to the Commission for Junior Researchers. All professors at the faculty may hand in suggestions. Students may also apply with their own paper, if awarded the highest grade (magna cum laude).