Extracurricular Studies

In order to attend courses offered by the faculty of protestant theology, you do not need to be enrolled within a theological degree program. As a student of the WWU, you are granted participation to all courses of the faculty of protestant theology, within your extracurricular studies, by default.

Given that bachelor’s degree students choose to join, they can achieve performances in regard to their bachelor’s degree (required coursework/ degree-relevant examinations) as well as required coursework (exception: degree-relevant examinations) from master’s degree programs.


Master’s degree students can achieve performances in regard to a bachelor’s degree program as well as their master’s degree program (required coursework and degree-relevant examinations).


Participation requirement: the lecturer of the course must approve your attendance AND optionally the completed coursework as well as the degree-relevant examination.


To claim credits for your academic achievements within the extracurricular studies, you must enter into an individual cooperation agreement with the responsible lecturer before the start of the course.

Individual Cooperation Agreement [GER]
Participation Regulations [GER]


As soon as you passed a course and completed the associated coursework and the degree-relevant examination within your extracurricular studies, have the lecturer sign and seal either your proof of attendance certification or your proof of performance certification.

Please contact Sarah Emrich with additional questions, especially about possible transfers of credit.