Equal Opportunity Officer

Equal Opportunity Officer: Prof Dr Heike Bungert
Tel.: 83-2 97 08
Fax: 83-2 97 00
Location: Georgskommende 26, 48143 Münster
Link: Equal Opportunity Office homepage with further information:

The international dialling code of the University of Münster is "+49 251".

Please add "@uni-muenster.de" to the e-mail addresses listed below.

Equal Opportunity Officer Associate Scope of responsibility
Prof Dr Heike Bungert
Tel. 83-2 97 08
Petra Niermann
Tel. 83-2 97 08

The Equal Opportunity Officer performs her duties as a member of the department’s administration. In doing so, she is shielded from outside influence when carrying out the tasks of her office and can prioritise them as she sees fit.

The principal Equal Opportunity Officer is tasked with representing the interests of women who belong to or are associated with the University of Münster. She works to meet the University's gender equality mandate. In particular, she advocates for the inclusion of equality-relevant aspects in academic, administrative and technical work, in development planning, in HR and structural measures and in the performance-related allocation of funding.