BigMail – Send large files to the Münster university

This WWW page is intended for depositing extra large files (1 Megabyte or larger) that cannot be send via email on a particular server of the Münster university. The intended recipient within the Münster university can download the files from this server.

(To send extra large emails from within to outside the Münster university, please use our webmail program perMail. For oversized attachments perMail switches from attaching to depositing automatically. Using a direct address as a bookmark, you can save some mouse clicks: “ university ID)”.)

BigMail works as follows: As soon as you have filled in and submitted the form below, the file stated is stored on the central server. Then the intended recipient will receive a notification via email containing the randomly chosen, practically unguessable WWW address from which the file can be downloaded.

Please enter your email address:

Please enter one or more recipients that you want to pass this file. If more than one recipient is given, separate them from each other using a comma “,”. You may only write to recipients within the university or the arts academy in Münster having addresses containing,, or or certain variants of

Now you can enter an accompanying text which is forwarded to the recipient(s). In particular, you should mention your name and further contact details for queries. IntroBigMailRecipients Please state your intended recipient(s). In case of multiple recipients, separate their names by comma “,”. You may only write to recipients within the university or the arts academy in Münster whose addresses contain, or variations of

Please select a local file for transmission. You cannot transmit more than one file at once. Maximum file size is 512 MB.

To send the indicated file now, select the button below. Please be patient - transmitting a large file to the server can take a while (standard DSL connections allow for no more than 2 to 6 MB upload per minute).

Before clicking the button below, recheck all data. BigMail can check your data only after the file transfer is completed and would have to discard it in case of an error. Thus, you would have transmitted the file to no avail.