Secondary School Education

Please note: This page only lists the subjects in which a two-subject bachelor's degree for the teaching qualification at the secondary-school level (Gymnasium/Gesamtschule) is possible. However, there are numerous other subjects at University of Münster in which a two-subject bachelor's degree is possible. An overview is provided by the study guide of the Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB) at the University of Münster: To the study guide

To earn teaching qualification at the secondary-school level (Gymnasium/Gesamtschule), candidates must complete a two-subject bachelor's degree programme. When you apply, you must select two majors (your future teaching subjects). You will be required to complete an additional Educational Studies module during your degree programme.

You may choose from the following subjects. Please note that subjects in italics may NOT be combined in a future secondary-school teaching degree (Gymnasium/Gesamtschule).

  • Art (aptitude test required)
  • Biology
  • Catholic Religious Studies*
  • Chemistry*
  • Computer Science
  • Dutch*
  • Economics (= teaching subject Social Studies)
  • Educational Science
  • English (i.e. English Studies/American Studies)
  • French*
  • Geography
  • German Studies
  • Greek Philology*
  • History*
  • Islamic Religious Studies*
  • Italian*
  • Latin Philology*
  • Mathematics*
  • Music/Music Practice and New Media (aptitude test required)*
  • Philosophy*
  • Physics*
  • Political Science (= teaching subject Social Studies)
  • Protestant Religious Studies*
  • Sociology (= teaching subject Social Studies)
  • Spanish*
  • Sport and Physical Education (aptitude test required)*

Apart from the above, the following subjects may not be combined with one another either:

  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

Subjects marked with an asterisk (*) are non-restricted. This means that all applicants receive a study place as long as they have permission to study the second subject.

When applying for admission to a two-subject bachelor's degree programme (ZFB) via the Application Portal, you must indicate all of your desired subject combinations. A non-restricted subject can be changed to another non-restricted subject at enrolment.

If you choose two non-restricted subjects, you may enrol without applying for admission. Please note the deadlines.

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