Germans, EU/EEA applicants and candidates with equivalent admission status

The application process for bachelor's programmes and the state examination in Law is conducted in entirely digital form. There are three steps to applying for the first semester: 

  • 1. Registration with

    The University of Münster participates in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) via [de], therefore a registration is mandatory. This procedure compiles and compares the ranking lists of all participating universities in order to facilitate faster and more reliable allocation of study places.

  • 2. Online application

    You apply via our application portal. After truthfully answering the preliminary questions, you are assigned to an applicant category. On the second page of the online application, you will find more details about the information we need from you. Most importantly, this includes:

    • your applicant-ID (BID) und applicant authentification number (BAN) von
    • date and average grade of your higher education entrance qualification
    • data regarding military or alternative service
    • number of semesters you have already studied (if you have previously enrolled at a German university)

    You may apply for a maximum of 12 degree programmes or combinations in multi-subject degree programmes. Download the information here to view the application checklist.

  • 3. Login Info portal of application - Check your application status

    Some applicant groups are required to upload documents as part of their application or special application process. If you belong to one of these applicant groups, you will see the button “Upload documents” in the Info portal of your application. These documents must be uploaded by the application deadline. If the button “Upload documents” does not appear, it means that no further documents are required to process your application. As a rule, additional documents are required if:

    • you indicated your application as a special case and you have submitted a special application (second degree programme, under 18, hardship cases etc.)
    • you do not hold a German Abitur (higher education entrance qualification)

    If you are required to upload additional documents, your application will only be reviewed after you have uploaded all the necessary documents. You will then receive notification via the Info portal of application on the status of your application. If you are granted admission by the University of Münster via the study place allocation procedure, you will be notified about the enrolment through the Info portal of application. Please find the steps for enrolment here.

Please check the current status of your application on a regular basis, either by logging onto [de] or our Info portal of application.

For more information about application modalities for admission to our teaching degree programmes and subject combinations, please see our Teaching Degree programme web pages.

Candidates seeking first-semester admission to the nationally restricted-admission subjects of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry must apply via [de]. This only applies to candidates with a German "Abitur" or EEA-university entrance qualification and EEA-nationality.