Research Areas

Institute for Analysis and Numerics

The institute's research focuses on the development and application of analytical and numerical mathematical methods and on mathematical modelling. Particular areas of interest are partial differential equations, multiscale methods, inverse problems, variational calculus, mathematical imaging, mathematical models in the biosciences, dynamical systems, optimization and scientific computing.


Interdisciplinary cooperations

Strong interdisciplinary connections exist to medicine and biology. In particular, the teams participate actively in the cluster of excellence Cells in Motion, the collaborative research centre 656 Molekulare kardiovaskuläre Bildgebung (MoBil), the European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI), the centre for Developing Mathematics in Interaction (DEMAIN), the Center for Nonlinear Science (CENOS) of the WWU, the Center for Multiscale Theory and Computation (CMTC) and the forum Competence for Computing in Science (CoCoS) at the University of Münster.


Ongoing projects and recent publications

A selection of ongoing projects and recent publications are listed below.

You can find more projects and publications on the webpages of the groups.