Organisation, People and Offices

Applied Mathematics is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University Münster.

For information regarding the organisation of the workgroups look at the webpages of the teams accessible via the navigation above.

The buildings of the department are located close to the Coesfelder Kreuz. The office location can be found in the  floor planhere you can find a map with instructions of how to get here.

Information regarding phone numbers, room numbers etc. is listed below.

Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsbereich Angewandte Mathematik Münster

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter
Bach , Annika Frau
Blank, JohannesHerr32723130.011johannes dot blank at uni-muenster dot de
Brinkmann, Eva-MariaFrau35122Corrensstre dot brinkmann at wwu dot de
Bröker, YannicHerr32750130.029y_broe01 at uni-muenster dot de
Brunken , Julia Frau 35151120.021julia dot brunken at uni-muenster dot de
Buhr , Andreas Herr
Ceci , Stefano
Dreier , Nils-Arne Herr 30409SRZ
Eick, ChristopherHerr33778130.004c_eick08 at uni-muenster dot de
Flasche, HendrikHerr33694130.028hendrik dot flasche at uni-muenster dot de
Godland, PhilippHerr32759130.028p_godl01 at uni-muenster dot de
Hartleif, UlrichHerr33721330 Orlé
Keil , Tim Herr
Ketteler , Jonas Wilhelm Herr
Koch , Marcel Herr 30408SRZ
Leibner , Tobias Herr
Liu, JingjiaFrau32730130.003jingjia dot liu at uni-muenster dot de
Maiwald, MartinHerr33784130.011martin dot maiwald at uni-muenster dot de
Milk, RenéHerr35131120.012rene dot milk at wwu dot de
Nüßing , Andreas
Piastra , Maria Carla Frau
Rasch, JulianHerr35121Corrensstrjulian dot rasch at wwu dot de
Roßmanith, CarolinFrau30407330, Orlé
Schroer , Alexander Volker
Schumacher , Liesel Frau 30410SRZ
Seidel, HaukeHerr32673130.003hauke dot seidel at uni-muenster dot de
Striewski , Paul Herr
Tacke , Marie Christin Frau 012 (Orlé
Upgang, SvenHerr33778130.004s dot upgang at uni-muenster dot de
Verfürth , Barbara Frau
Wenske , Michael Herr 30411SRZ
Westerheide, SebastianHerr35153120.019sebastian dot westerheide at uni-muenster dot de
Ehemalige Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter