Oberseminar Numerics

Prof. Dr. Christian Engwer Prof. Dr. Mario Ohlberger Dr. Stephan Rave Prof. Dr. Benedikt Wirth
Time, Place:

Wednesdays 14:15 to 16:00h, M5.

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Current Talks

Date Speaker InstitutionTitle
08.05.2024Jorunn Mense Uni Münster Nonlinear Modeling and Simulation to Describe Brain Tumor Extent
15.05.2024Julia Schleuß Uni Münster Localized model order reduction via local training and enrichment based on a residual localization strategy
29.05.2024tba tba tba
05.06.2024Dominik Skreczek Uni Münster tba
12.06.2024Tabea Naeven Uni Münster tba
19.06.2024Tizian Wenzel Uni Hamburg tba
26.06.2024Art Pelling TU Berlin tba
03.07.2024Alexander Schell Uni Münster tba
10.07.2024Patrick Henning University of Bochum tba

Past Talks

Date Speaker InstitutionTitle
17.04.2024Björn Luig Uni Münster Improving the Energy Efficiency of Transport Units in a Linear Transport System through Setpoint Generation with Optimal Control
10.04.2024Christian Engwer Uni Münster Hardware-aware numerics and parallel in time concepts
24.01.2024Sascha Beutler Uni Münster Motion compensation in microscopy using algebraic surface fitting
17.01.2024Niklas Reich Hochschule Ruhr West A parallel batch greedy algorithm in reduced basis methods
10.01.2024Benedikt Klein Uni Münster A trust region-reduced basis-machine learning approach for parameter optimization with parabolic PDE constraints
20.12.2023Mario Ohlberger Uni Münster Model Order Reduction and learning for PDE Constrained Optimization and Inverse Problems
13.12.2023Fabian Bremer Uni Münster Explicit Construction of Deep Neural Networks
06.12.2023Martin Gander University of Geneva Schwarz in Time and ParaOpt: two time parallel methods for optimal control and PDE constraint optimization
29.11.2023Frederik Altrock Uni Münster Neural Tangent Kernel
22.11.2023Stephan Rave Uni Münster Hierarchical Approximate SVD
15.11.2023Lukas Renelt Uni Münster Friedrichs systems and their use in model order reduction
08.11.2023Gunnar Birke Uni Münster Stabilization of linear hyperbolic conservation laws on cut-cell meshes
25.10.2023Juliane Braunsmann Uni Münster Learning Low Bending and Low Distortion Manifold Embeddings
18.10.2023Hendrik Kleikamp Uni Münster Be greedy and learn - efficient and certified algorithms for parametrized optimal control problems
11.10.2023Martin Gander Université de Genève Introduction to Time Parallel Time Integration