Teaching degree programme in Special Education

For the teaching degree programme in Special Education, students are required to study five of the following subjects:

Compulsory subjects:

  • German or
  • Mathematics
  • Specialisation 1: Special needs and inclusive education
  • Specialisation 2: Diagnostics and individual support in inclusive schools

Optional subjects:

  • Chemistry*
  • German (if not already chosen as a compulsory subject)
  • Protestant Religious Education*
  • Islamic Religious Education*
  • Catholic Religious Education*
  • Mathematics (if not already chosen as a compulsory subject)
  • Music (aptitude test required)*
  • Physics*
  • Practical Philosophy*
  • Sports (aptitude test required)*

Educational Science is a mandatory subject in all teaching degree programmes. Consequently, all teaching degree students are required to take Educational Science irrespective of the combination of their chosen subjects or school form.

Subjects marked with an asterisk (*) have non-restricted admission.

Please choose the first freely selectable subject in the application portal, after which you will be directed to choose your second subject. After you have confirmed your selection of your two optional subjects, the compulsory subjects will be added automatically.

For further details, please consult the Study Guide of the Student Advice and Counselling Centre (ZSB).