International research at the University of Münster

Münster University stands for excellent research, high-quality teaching and a commitment to supporting junior academics. As a university which is rooted in its local region and, at the same time, cosmopolitan in its outlook, Münster promotes international exchanges. In many fields of research it undertakes top-flight research which has an international reputation – for example, in the joint research carried out in the humanities and in cultural studies, as well as in the fields of evolutionary research, chemistry and physics, and mathematics.

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International research collaboration

At the University of Münster, there are a number of programs that support the exchange and cooperation with international institutions. Projects in the field of knowledge exchange are promoted.

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Research strengths

The University of Münster has developed a strong research profile in natural sciences and humanities, business economics, law, and medicine. It promotes top-level research in high-performance areas.

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Arbeitsstelle Forschungstransfer (AFO) [de]

The "Arbeitsstelle Forschungstransfer" (AFO) is the interface between science, business and the public. It promotes and supports the transfer of research, knowledge and technology to industry and business, to the public sector, to governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals.

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Support for our researchers

You have a promising, clearly defined scientific goal, and competent partners have been found. Yet that alone does not guarantee success. Finding the right funding programmes and tapping these through cleverly crafted applications is an essential step in the process.