International campus

The University of Münster is home to an international community of students and academics from around the world. It regards diversity as enriching and internationalisation at home as a normal part of academic life regardless of the length of one's stay. As a place of intercultural encounter and development, the University of Münster supports an active "welcome culture" and encourages interaction in all areas of university work and life.

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Multicultural exchange

Whether you're interested in foreign-language teaching, mobility, international dual degrees or the cotutelle, the University of Münster offers numerous study opportunities and doctoral programmes with an international focus.
International teaching

The WWU Graduate Centre offers doctoral candidates an extensive programme of advanced qualification, networking and intercultural exchange opportunities:
WWU Graduate Centre

At the Language Centre, you can acquire and improve your foreign-language skills:
Language Centre

The International Office organises workshops on intercultural continuing education for students, instructors and staff:
Continuing education programme at the International Office

The "Larger Picture" provides information on international and intercultural activities offered at the University of Münster:
Larger Picture

The Buddy Programme promotes intercultural dialogue between foreign exchange students and German students enrolled at the University of Münster:
Buddy Programme

The International Centre "Die Brücke", operated by the International Office, provides students an extensive range of services and events in a multicultural environment:
International Centre "Die Brücke"

The event programme hosted by the Welcome Centre at the International Office offers academics a wide range of networking and intercultural exchange opportunities:
Event programme at the Welcome Centre