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Network access

There are various ways to access the world wide web at Münster University: You can access the internet using the university WLAN or wired network connections (LAN) in the university facilities. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to access the university network off-campus and use licensed contents. To use our network services and log on to computers of the university as well as certain systems, you need your ID and your network access password:

  • The userID

    Every student of the University of Münster receives a user ID at enrolment, every employee at the beginning of his/her enrolment. The ID cannot be changed and is valid until exmatriculation or end of employment, respectively. The user ID is of great importance as it is required for most online contents and for access to computer workstations in the university or the libraries.

  • The standard password

    Comparable with a debit card PIN code, the standard password is required together with the userID for the user identification. The standard password is required for almost all university services – ranging from e-mail to the registration for lectures and exams. Together with the remittance slip for the tuition fee, every student is provided with a temporary password which should be changed immediately in the user portal Mein ZIV. The password can be chosen freely, but has to consist of at least eight characters or symbols. In order to increase the security, the password should contain upper and lower case letters as well as numbers – popular words should be avoided. In case you have forgotten your password, you need to apply for a new one at the help desk at Einsteinstraße 60 (ID required).

  • The password for network access

    The password for network access is needed every time you want to access the university network with a computer that is not registered. This includes access via WLAN, VPN, pLANet and Teleport/DSL. The password for network access needs to be set once in MyZIV and must not be identical with the standard password. Other than that, the same rules apply.