The aim of the project is to promote health in the living environment (setting) of the long term care facilities. A prevention program in accordance with §5 of the German Social Code (SGB XI) is implemented in the facilities that is tailored to the needs of the institution and addresses targeted prevention measures for residents and employees. Based on this background, the importance of everyday movement is to be anchored in the guiding principles of the care facility, thus creating a culture of movement. Exercise should be made easily accessible, combined with low costs and low technical effort.

Studies show that nursing home residents spend about 90% of the day in their room or the immediate surroundings. Furthermore, international and own studies show that nursing home residents walk an average of only 1000 steps (minimum 70 steps) per day. This number is well below the recommendations for multimorbid individuals. In addition, nursing home residents spend about 80% of their waking time lying or sitting.
For the employees themselves, the promotion of adequate exercise is an important component of occupational health management (OHM), and the integration of targeted interventions is an important component of prevention within the framework of occupational health promotion (OHP).

Research team:
Prof. Claudia Voelcker-Rehage
Tanja Inga Janssen
Vera Belkin

Funding period:
Januar 2022 – Dezember 2024

Funded by:
Techniker Krankenkasse

Contact: Vera Belkin

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