Our mission is to understand the processes and mechanisms of motor function and neurocognition in order to optimize human performance, training and learning.

The research group focuses on the interaction between physical and neurocognitive performance, the early detection of cognitive loss and the effect of physical activity and training on brain, cognition and motor function. Thereupon, we follow an interdisciplinary approach and use a broad spectrum of methods from exercise and training science, neuroscience and psychology. This combination enables us to work on each research topic in a multidimensional and (fully) comprehensive way. Another goal of our research is to link fundamental scientific research with clinical practice, competitive sports and activities of daily living. Accordingly, we develop, for example: ecologically valid paradigms to study multitasking or performance in real-life scenarios (e.g. driving a car, crossing a street, beach handball), conduct mobility and mental health programmes in care settings, and evaluate intervention programmes focusing on cognitive ageing, brain mechanisms and motor skills.

"Two things are necessary in our work: tireless endurance and the willingness to throw away something in which one has put a lot of time and efforts". 
(Albert Einstein)

Our main research areas are divided into:

Motor control & Learning
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Health & Aging
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Exercise & Cognition
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Performance & Diagnostics
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An overview of our publications can be found here. Please note that two publication catalogues are listed on top of each other. Person specific publications are available on the respective sites of our team members. In case of any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us - we are always happy to provide further information!