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Performance measurements in beachhandball

Within the framework of this project, which was closely coordinated with the German Handball Federation (DHB), training programmes for the national beach handball teams are being developed and reviewed, which focus in particular on the design of the transition phase from the hall with solid ground to the sand as yielding ground. The project, entitled “Evaluierung von Trainingsmaßnahmen für einen effizienten Transfer spielrelevanter Leistungskriterien vom Hallen- zum Beachhandball und vice versa“, is funded by BiSp over 2 years.

Beach handball has the great chance to become an Olympic sport. Therefore, it is to be assumed that first of all players will change from the indoor sport to the sand. When considering the scheduling of the indoor season and the first qualifying tournaments in beach handball for the German championship, it is noticeable that a transition phase from the indoor to the beach season without play is hardly present or fluent. From this point of view, a transition from the indoor to the sand environment must take place during regular training operations well before the end of the indoor season. The challenge here lies in the conception of a framework training programme in which the compatibility of indoor and sand training programmes is demonstrated without negatively influencing the performance in the hall and which is prepared positively in the sand. Also a training programmes will be developed which focus in particular on the conversion of fast-force movement patterns, as these are particularly relevant to performance. The findings will be integrated directly and within the project into a framework training concept for beach handball that has not yet been developed.

Supported by: Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft
Operational time: 1. November 2017 bis 31. Dezember 2019