Anna Hendker

Anna Hendker

Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 8, Raum VG 213
48149 Münster

T: +49 251 83-32464


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    • Auerswald T, Hendker A., Ratz T., Lippke S., Pischke CR., Peters M., Meyer J., Holdt KV. & Voelcker-Rehage C. (). Impact of Activity Tracker Usage in Combination with a Physical Activity Intervention on Physical and Cognitive Parameters in Healthy Adults Aged 60+: A Randomized Controlled Trial. International journal of environmental research and public health, 19(7). doi: 10.3390/ijerph19073785.

    • Hendker A & Eils E. (). A Group-Based 8-Week Functional Interval-Type Outdoor Training Program Improves Physical Performance in Recreationally Active Adults. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 3, 73. doi: 10.3389/fspor.2021.627853.

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    • Hendker Anna, Eils Eric. (). Evaluation of a group based 8-week outdoor fitnesstraining on physiological performance in recreational athletes. In Exercise science & training conference GEST:19, Prag. [online first]

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