Activism & Academia

Sommersemester 2022 | montags | 18-20 Uhr

Aktueller Hinweis: Der Abschlussvortrag am 11. Juli 2022 fällt leider aus.

Researching inequalities or discriminatory structures, using critical approaches as a research lens, or investigating activist practices and aesthetics are common themes and approaches in academia, especially in the social sciences and humanities. In other words: Thinking critically is the lifeblood of academic work. But if "the personal is political" – what is an academic’s relationship to (political) activism? Does something like "activist scholarship" exist, and if it does, which opportunities, risks, and challenges does it create? Taking these observations and questions as a point of departure, this lecture will investigate specific forms of academic-activist knowledge production and practices and their relationship to grassroots social movements. Turning to institutional contexts, we will also discuss how higher education institutions translate critical thinking into organizational structures and routines (e.g., diversity management or hiring practices) and how they relate to society in general, e.g., through public engagement.

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Venue: Most talks will be presented in lecture hall JO 1 (Johannisstr. 4). Access details for the online lectures on May 16, June 27 and July 4 are available below.

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Plakat der Veranstaltung
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