New Münster Research Fellow: Masanori Morishita

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We welcome Prof. Dr. Masanori Morishita (Kyushu University, Japan) as a Münster Research Fellow. During his stay at our Cluster from 29 July to 23 August 2022, he will collaborate with Prof. Dr. Christopher Deninger and other scientists from Mathematics Münster.
Masanori Morishita is the leading authority in the field of Arithmetic Topology founded by Yuri Manin and Barry Mazur, which explores analogies between number theory and 3-dimensional topology. His Springer book "Knots and Primes" is the standard reference in the field. He has published fundamental results on class field theory for manifolds, Redei's triple symbols for primes and their relation to Massey products for knots, deformation theory of knot groups and L-functions, analogies in topology for Ihara theory and many more.
During his stay in Münster, Masanori Morishita and Christopher Deninger plan to start a programme to turn the analogies studied in Arithmetic Topology into actual theorems on newly developed foliated dynamical systems for arithmetic schemes.

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