Teams at the IfK
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  • Team of Online Communication

    The chair of online communication, headed by Prof. Thorsten Quandt, focuses on societal changes connected to the Internet and new media.


  • Team of Journalism Studies

    The chair of journalism studies, headed by Prof. Bernd Blöbaum, focusses on the emergence, reception and effects of public communication from both a theoretical and practical perspective. The main areas of research are journalism, trust and the media, science communication and reception. 


  •  Team of Empirical Communication Studies

    The department Empirical Communication Studies deals with theoretical approaches, empirical methods and data for the analysis of media content as well as the usage of these products and the resulting consequences.


  • Team of Digitized Public Spheres

    The group led by Prof. Dr. Annie Waldherr analyzes the structures and dynamics of communication in public spheres under the conditions of digitalization and datafication.


  • Team of Strategic Communication II

    Research at the group led by Professor Dr. Kerstin Thummes is devoted to the exploration of conflicts between ideals and practice of strategic communication.


  •  Team of media sociology and media appropriation

    The englisch site is currently under development. Please visit the german version.

  • Team of "DemoRESILdigital"

    The junior research group, headed by Dr. Lena Frischlich, focuses on the staging, effects and dissemination of manipulative online-communication and options to foster democratic resilience in the digital society.


The sites of the other teams are currently under development.