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Research team of "Journalism Studies I"

About the department

The research and teaching unit headed by Nina Springer is concerned with journalism and its reception as well as with factors that influence the reception process, particularly in digitalized contexts. The focus is on conditions and changes in the journalistic profession and journalistic work, journalistic content, and the use and (individual or societal) effects of journalistic products or participation in journalism. Our research projects investigate not only threats to the journalistic workplace, whether caused by audience hostility or precarious employment, but also how journalism is reinventing itself through innovations such as immersive storytelling (for example, in the field of virtual reality), the development of new distribution channels, and crowdsourcing, among others. We analyze journalistic routines such as research and selection, and examine the traces left in journalism by audience orientation or participation, or what roles trust and credibility play in journalism. We work in interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and transfer-oriented ways, often with an international and comparative orientation, and we use the entire range of social science research methods, including quantitative, partly automated content analyses, expert interviews, surveys, and experimental designs.