Research Centers at the IfK

Center for Digitized Public Spheres Research (ZEDOE)

The Center for Digitized Public Spheres Research focuses on the theoretical and empirical analysis of the preconditions, characteristics and characteristics of digitizes public spheres.
Analyses are conducted from a social science perspective, in particular a communication science perspective on the mico, meso and macro level.
Research also addresses specific (partial) public spheres and their processes of interchange with various societal subsystems (such as politics, economy, science). Innovative theoretical approaches and research methods for digitized communication and accompanying processes or societal changes are developed in this process.
The center’s aims are to bring together the researchers that are engaged in research concerning digitized public spheres at the University of Münster (WWU), to encourage the exchange and the discussion with external researchers and to make the research results fruitful academic teaching.
The aims also include promoting the engagement in public discourses and to strengthen WWU’s profile in this research area, especially in the department of Communication Science.