Chair of media sociology and media appropriation

The chair of media sociology and media appropriation, headed by Prof. Dr. Jutta Röser, focuses on media appropriation and the interwoven relationship between media change and social transformation from a sociological perspective. Empirically, the research focuses on qualitative methods specializing in media ethnography. Characterized by a variety of different methods and research instruments, the ethnographic approach provides an in-depth understanding of media appropriation and media usage in everyday life. Therefore, the chair primarily conducts research concerning the following five focal points: 

(1) Reception Studies, Media Appropriation and Qualitative Methods

(2) Mediatization of Society and Everyday Life

(3) Domestication of Media Technologies in History and Present

(4) Migration, Religion and Social Inequality

(5) Cultural Studies and Gender Media Studies



Röser, Jutta, Prof. Dr. +49 251 83-24266 E-Mail
Dominiak, Jo Marie, M.A. +49 251 83-23013 E-Mail
Niemand, Stephan Dr. +49 251 83-24263 E-Mail
Reimer, Jacqueline, M.A. +49 251 83-21201 E-Mail


Former Staff

  • PD Dr. Kathrin Friederike Müller
  • Dr. Raik Roth