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Team of Strategic Communication I

Over the work Field

The research area Strategic Communication I, headed by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Röttger, focusses on the theoretical and empirical analysis of the social conditions, procedures, effects, and meanings of strategic communication in contemporary societies.

Strategic Communication is in this work field understood as a social and societal practice. Similarly, it is analysed and reflected against the background of basic social science research. The particular interest lies in the interaction of social developments and organizational practices of strategic communication: What are the consequences, for example, of the media change characterized by digitalization and datafication for strategic communication and strategically communicating organizations? And: To what extent do collective and corporate actors use strategic communication to influence the structures, processes, and content of public communication? Central research topics that the employees of this work field have dealt with in recent years are:

  • Public Discourses on Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication
  • Municipal (Strategic) Communication
  • Non-profit Communications
  • Public Affairs
  • Trust and Strategic Communication
  • University PR and Science Communication
  • Internal Communication, Leader Communication and Executive Communication
  • Digital Strategic Communication