Setting up a VPN Connection with Linux

Requirement: You have set your network access password in the IT Portal.

Note: As an alternative to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, you can also use the OpenConnect software, which you can find in the package manager of the current distributions.


  • Detailed Instructions

    1. Install OpenConnect

    Please open the terminal or the Package Manage and install the package "OpenConnect". On Ubuntu you can use the following command: XYZ@XYZPC:/home/XYZPC/# sudo apt install openconnect

    2. Establish the VPN Connection

    To establish the VPN connection, open the terminal and enter the following command:
    XYZ @ XYZPC: / home / XYZPC / # sudo openconnect

    You may be asked for the password of your PC account. Then you have to enter your WWU ID and network access password and confirm with Enter. (Note: The network access password this is not your normal WWU password. You can set it in the IT Portal.) The VPN connection is now established.

    2. Establish the VPN Connection
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    3. Terminate the VPN Connection

    To terminate the VPN connection you can simply terminate OpenConnect in Terminal with Ctrl + c.