Setting up a VPN Connection with iOS


  • You have installed an up-to-date version of iOS.
  • You have set your network access password in the IT Portal.

  • Installation of the VPN-Client

    1. Download of the AnyConnect App

    Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN-Client. Alternatively you can find the app in the AppStore.

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    2. Opening the App

    After successful download, open the AnyConnect App.

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    3. Adding the VPN Connection

    Tap on "Connections".

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    4. Adding the VPN Connection

    Tap on "Add VPN Connection...".

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    5. Entering the Serveraddress

    Choose description for the network (e.g. WWU) and enter as the server address and save.

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    6. Allowing the VPN-Connection

    Tap on "Allow" to add the VPN-Connection. Confirm by entering your passcode, Touch-ID or Face-ID.

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  • Starting & Ending the VPN-Connection

    1. Starting the VPN Connection

    Open the app and move the AnyConnect VPN slider to the right (green background).

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    2. Entering Your User Data

    Enter your WWU ID and your password for network access and tap on "Connect" afterwards. (Note: The network access password this is not your normal WWU password. You can set it in the IT Portal.)

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    3. Established VPN Connection

    The status "Connected" as well as the small "VPN" displayed at the status bar at the top of the screen indicate that the VPN connection has been established successfully.

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    4. Disconnecting the VPN Connection

    If the VPN connection is no longer needed, open the app and move the AnyConnect-VPN slider to the left (grey background). This will disconnect the connection.

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