Testing Jitsi Meet

You have the possibility to test the video conferencing tool Jitsi with us. A member of our staff will be available to answer your questions about video conferencing with Jitsi.

The test room for Jitsi can be occupied if required. Please write a mail to it@uni-muenster.de .

You can use the following link to dial into this room: https://conf.wwu.de/WWUIT-Test

You can join the conference via PC and browser or via smartphone and app:

  1. PC and browser: To join the conference on your laptop/PC, please use your browser (Google Chrome recommended) to access the conference link above.
  2. Smartphone and app: To join the conference on your smartphone, please access the above conference link via your smartphone's browser. On the website you can then select "Download the App" or "Continue to the App". If you have not yet installed the app, please select "Download the App". You will be redirected to the App Store, where you can download and install the app. You can also do this step before the conference. If you have already installed the app, please select "Continue to the App" instead. You will then be automatically directed to the conference room. (Note: Please use the conference link in your browser to dial into the conference room as described here. Starting the app directly and entering the conference room name there will only work with additional settings.)

Of course you can also test Jitsi independently from our test room, alone or with your colleagues. To do so, you can open a room yourself and invite your colleagues to join you.