Forschungsseminar der Arbeitsgruppe mathematische Bildverarbeitung und inverse Probleme

Prof. Dr. Martin Burger Dr. Frank Wübbeling
Zeit, Ort:

Mittwochs 14:00 bis 16:00, wöchentlich, Raum SRZ 204, falls nicht anders angeküdigt

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Datum     Sprecher EinrichtungTitel
23.01.2019Vorbesprechung Bachelor-Master-Seminar Bildverarbeitung und Inverse Probleme
27.06.2018Martin Burger Münster Propagation of gradient flow structures from microscopic to macroscopic models
27.06.2018Martin Burger Münster Einführung - Statistische Mechanik und Kinetische Theorie
25.04.2018Arne Peters Universität Münster Rekonstruktion und Unmixing in multispektraler Photoakustik
25.04.2018Philipp Geiger Universität Münster Optimale Wellenlängenwahl für spektrale Entmischung
21.03.2018Adrian Chaluppka WWU Stabilität der Forwardpropagation bei Deep Neural Networks
19.03.2018Audrey Repetti Edinburgh Optimisation methods for Bayesian inference: Application to high dimensional inverse problems
28.02.2018Tatiana Bubba Helsinki TBA
27.02.2018Carina Geldhauser St. Petersburg Limits of semidiscrete gradient flows and their stochastic perturbation
25.02.2018Lukas Schneider WWU Autonome Roboterorientierung: Ein Einblick in ORB-SLAM & Bundle Adjustment
14.02.2018Martin Burger WWU Modern Regularization Methods for Inverse Problems
10.01.2018Yury Korolev WWU Münster Inverse Problems with Errors in the Forward Operator and Applications in Deblurring
27.11.2017Joost Batenburg CWI Amsterdam Towards Real-Time Tomography
19.07.2017Christin Thole WWU MR-PET Rekonstruktion
19.07.2017Studierende WWU Präsentationen Praktikum Inverse Probleme
17.07.2017Camille Sutour Paris On patch based methods
12.07.2017Yeganeh Osouli Universität Münster Nonlocal Optical Flow
05.07.2017Karolina Weber TU Wien Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Equations
29.06.2017Final Symposium of Collaborative Research Centre 656 Molecular Cardiovascular Imaging Symposium
28.06.2017Alexander Schlüter WWU TBA
28.06.2017Tobias Schlusen WWU Gleichzeitige Berechnung von Dämpfung und Aktivität im TOF-PET
03.05.2017Dr. Sven Augustin HU Berlin "THz Single Pixel Camera"
03.05.2017Dr. Peter Jung TU Berlin "Robust Nonnegative Sparse Recovery and the Nullspace Property of 0/1 Measurements"
05.04.2017Universität Münster Nonlinear PDE miniworkshop
22.02.2017Tamara Grossmann Univ Münster Optoacoustic reconstruction
22.02.2017Frank Natterer Univ Muenster Image Reconstruction in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
15.02.2017Matteo Novaga Pisa A two phase model with cross and self attractive interactions
13.02.2017Dominique Yvon CaLIPSO: A novel detector concept for high-resolution positron emission tomography using heavy organometallic liquids: Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
08.02.2017Raphael Wittkowski Dept Physics, Univ Muenster Brownian active particles and models
07.02.2017Ville Kolehmainen Kuopio Structural regularization for fMRI
25.01.2017Remo Kretschmann Universität Duisburg-Essen Bayesian inverse problems with Laplacian noise
18.01.2017Thomas Huser Bielefeld Speeding up optical nanoscopy
12.01.2017Dr. Ivano Primi Heidelberg Instruments GmbH Mathe bietet Perspektiven
07.12.2016Leoni Hoffboll Münster Maxwell-Stefan als Diffusionslimes für kinetische Modell von Mixturen mit allgemeinen Wirkungsquerschnitten
15.11.2016Peter Mortimer Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
02.11.2016Claudia Totzek Kaiserlautern Controlling the Behavior of a Group with the Help of External Agents
24.10.2016Antonin Chambolle Ecole Polytechnique TBA
24.10.2016Antonin Chambolle Ecole Polytechnique A curvature dependent functional for regularization
03.10.2016Open lab day for families
29.09.2016Dr. Carsten Cruse CLK GmbH „Welche aktuellen Probleme gibt es noch?
19.09.2016Lecture series 'Pioneers in Cell Dynamics and Imaging' Wolfgang Berdel\, Christoph Schliemann: Vascular Targeting in Oncology
19.09.2016Stephan Volk Münster Master Seminar, Design of Traffic Measurements
14.09.2016Virginie Ehrlacher ENPC, Paris Analysis of cross-diffusion equations in a moving domain
27.07.2016Lars Ruthotto Emory Joint Methods for Reconstruction and Background Field Removal of QSM
06.07.2016Vorbesprechung Masterseminar Masterseminar Mathematische Bildverarbeitung und Inverse Probleme und Praktikum Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Imaging
21.06.2016Klaus Schäfers\, Florian Büther and Lars Stegger Quantitative 4D PET and PET/MRI for molecular and cellular in-vivo imaging: Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
20.06.2016Lecture series 'Pioneers in Cell Dynamics and Imaging' Darren Gilmour: Architectural Control of Cell State Transitions During Organ Morphogenesis
15.06.2016Farid Bozorgnia Universität Lissabon Numerical Investigtions of Spatial Segregation Models
11.05.2016Ronny Bergmann Universität Kaiserslautern A Second Order Non-smooth Variational Model for Restoring Manifold-valued Image
10.05.2016Claudia Rössig\, Wolfgang Berdel and Christoph Schliemann Endothelial targeting to enhance efficacy of cancer immunotherapy
Johannes Waltenberger: Growth factor-mediated vascular inflammation: Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
10.05.2016Exhibition tour at WWU Inner Worlds - Cells in Motion from Micro to Macro
03.05.2016Stefan Schulte-Merker Multiscale imaging and endothelial signaling
Jürgen Klingauf: Imaging molecular events and cellular structure at the nanoscale: Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
27.04.2016Florian Büther, Mirco Heß Universität Münster Partialvolumeneffekte bei der dynamischen PET-Bildgebung des Herzens in der PET/MRT
26.04.2016Georg Schmitz Handheld photoacoustic imaging and ultrasound superresolution microbubble tracking
Ali Yilmaz: Invasive and non-invasive imaging-based work-up of coronary endothelial dysfunction in patients with myocarditis and coronary artery dise: Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
21.04.2016Cells-in-Motion Brown-Bag Lunch Sarah Eligehausen: Analysis of inflammatory swelling via standardised imaging techniques
20.04.2016Felix Lucka UCL Can Compressed Sensing Accelerate High-Resolution Photoacoustic Tomography?
20.04.2016Andreas Hauptmann Helsinki Direct Inversion from partial-boundary data in electrical impedance tomography
20.04.2016Zenith Purisha Helsinki Tomographic Reconstruction of Homogeneous 2D Geometric Model using MCMC in terms of Parametric Curves
15.04.2016Studierende Universität Münster Praktikumsbericht Bildverarbeitung
13.04.2016Armin Lechleiter Bremen Electrical Impedance Tomography and Factorization Methods
12.04.2016Cornelius Faber MRI methods to study vessels of both the cardio and lymphatic vascular system
Stefan Reuter: Imaging-based diagnosis of acute renal allograft rejection: Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
25.02.2016Cells-in-Motion Brown-Bag Lunch Dirk Mannweiler and Sönke Schmid: PET-imaging of awake and freely-moving mice
23.02.2016Andrea Rentmeister Biomolecular Label Chemistry - From Genetically Encodable Probes to Bioorthogonal Reactions
Benedikt Wirth: How shape and geometry concepts help reconstruct\, analyse\, and link imaging data to biomedical questions from ...: Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
18.02.2016CiM Flexible Funds Symposium
17.02.2016Martin Holler Graz Higher order regularization and applications to medical image processing and data decompression
17.02.2016Leonie Zeune Twente Multiscale Segmentation via Bergman Distances and Spectral Analysis
15.02.2016Lecture series 'Pioneers in Cell Dynamics and Imaging' Hans-Christian Pape: Rhythms of fear in the amygdala and beyond
04.02.2016Michael Krühler WWU Dynamic list-mode PET. Praktikumsvortrag.
03.02.2016Giacomo Albi TU Munich Kinetic Modeling and Control of Self-Organizing Systems
28.01.2016Cells-in-Motion Brown-Bag Lunch Timo Betz: Pushing and pulling: how cell mechanics provides key insights to cell biology
27.01.2016Prof. Dr. Joachim Denzler Universität Jena "Life-long Learning with Applications in Monitoring Biodiversity"
26.01.2016Ryan Gilmour Carbohydrates\, chemical biology and a cluster
Cristian Strassert: Towards spatiotemporally resolved ROS production and oxygen sensing: Multiscale Molecular Imaging Lecture
13.01.2016Katja Krupp Münster Kinetic modeling for rating
17.12.2015Joana Grah Cambridge Sparse Vector Fields
17.12.2015Eva Brinkmann Münster Sparse Vector Fields
16.12.2015Rodrigo Bleyer Helsinki Digital speech: an overview from the spoken language to the GIF problem
16.12.2015Qiaoqiao Ding Shanghai TBA
16.12.2015Michael Ryu Bachelorseminar Robots with turning delays
09.12.2015Nikolas Vogenauer Bachelorseminar Photoakustik
18.11.2015Dr. Peter Schiele, BMW Group München Software Engineering in der Automobil-Industrie
18.11.2015Christiane Stollenwerk Bachelorseminar How to choose a champion ?
18.11.2015Julian Rasch Münster Joint PET-MR Reconstruction
11.11.2015Christoph Schnörr Heidelberg Image Labeling by Assignment
04.11.2015Skiseminar des Instituts für Angewandte Mathematik
28.10.2015Marie-Therese Wolfram RICAM Linz On parabolic free boundary price formation models under market size fluctuations
28.10.2015Helene Ranetbauer RICAM Linz Derivation and analysis of a non-linear cross-diffusion model for pedestrian dynamics
26.08.2015Camille Sutour Bordeaux Numerical night vision system: Automatic restoration and multimodal registration of low light level images
19.08.2015Martin Benning Cambridge How generalised singular vectors can help to develop new regularisation methods
15.07.2015Nils Dreier Universität Münster Eikonalgleichung auf Graphen
24.06.2015Lina Eckardt Münster Video TV Regularization
24.06.2015Viktor Martel Münster Surface Reconstruction
24.06.2015Natalia Schulert Münster TV L1 optical flow
24.06.2015Julius Tillmann Münster Optical Flow
24.06.2015Michael Ryu Münster Robots Turning Delays
15.06.2015Judith Berendsen Amsterdam Horizontale laufende Wellen im Gitter mit Hindernissen
08.06.2015Atsushi Imiya Chiba University Average of Volumetric Deformable Objects and Multiple Alignment of Spatiotemporal Deformable Objects 
03.06.2015Christoph Meyer Universität Münster Cell Motility
20.05.2015Berit Sander Münster Knowledge Growth
20.05.2015Christin Thole Münster Collective Motion, ODEs and simulation
13.05.2015Marie Tacke Münster Phase Separation
13.05.2015Meike Kinzel Münster Phase Separation
13.05.2015Johannes Steiner Universität Münster EM-TV
13.05.2015Sven Wagner IBB, Münster Optimization of brain stimulation
29.04.2015Leoni Hoffboll Münster Collective Motion, PDEs & travelling waves
08.04.2015Carola Schönlieb Cambridge Total variation as a discrete gradient flow.
25.03.2015Christian Nittringer Geophysik, WWU Münster Inversion of magnetotelluric data with sparsity regularization
09.02.2015Sabine Hittmeir RICAM Linz Travelling waves for a nonlocal (KdV-) Burgers equation
04.02.2015Dr. Alessio Brancolini WWU Branched transport urban planning and pattern formation
03.02.2015Peter Markowich KAUST / Cambridge / Vienna Mathematical Analysis of a PDE System for Biological Network Formation
03.02.2015Bastian Pietras Münster Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of the EEG Problem with fMRI-Based Prior Information
02.02.2015Felix Lucka UCL Challenges of Dynamic High Resolution Photoacoustic Tomography
26.01.2015Vorbesprechung Bachelor-/Masterseminar Mathematische Bildverarbeitung und Inverse Probleme
14.01.2015Fabian Duncker Bochum Nonparametric estimation of coefficients in stochastic differential equations by penalized maximum likelihood
03.12.2014Stefan Kunis Osnabrück Fast Fourier and Laplace transforms
03.12.2014Christina Brandt Osnabrück Photoacoustic tomography: sparse image reconstruction using shearlets
26.11.2014Michael Möller TU München Efficient first order methods for convex and semi-convex optimization problems
26.11.2014Daniel Tenbrinck Caen Variational methods and PDEs on graphs with applications in mathematical image processing
19.11.2014Christian Clason Duisburg-Essen Konvexe Relaxierung von kontinuierlich--diskreten Problemen
12.11.2014Byeungwoo Jeon SKKU Introduction to compressed sensing
05.11.2014Uwe Thiele Münster Dynamic unbinding transitions and deposition patterns in dragged meniscus problems (with digressions on depinning transitions and gradient dynamics formulations)
05.11.2014Asatur Khurshudyan Münster Optimal control for PDEs with variable coefficients
22.10.2014Teresa Esposito MünsterTeresa Esposito (Münster)
17.09.2014Maria Bruna Oxford Diffusion in Porous Media
11.09.2014Byeungwoo Jeon SUNGKYUNKWAN UNIVERSITY Multimedia Signal Processing
03.09.2014Matthias Erhardt UCL Joint reconstruction of PET-MRI by exploiting structural similarity
16.07.2014Theresa Stocks Masterarbeit Radiation Therapy Modelling
14.07.2014Prof. Dr. Horst Thieme Arizona State University The spectral radius of homogeneous order-preserving maps and the persistence of dispersing two-sex populations
10.07.2014Gastvorlesung in "Effiziente Algorithmen" von Prof. Dr. Bodo Manthey U. Twente "smoothed analysis"
03.07.2014Dr.-Ing. Uwe Franke Daimler AG, Sindelfingen Computer Vision for Autonomous Cars
02.07.2014Jan Stenner Münster Inverse problems of the vocal tract
02.07.2014Jonas Hoppe Masterarbeit Anatomical Priors in der optischen Tomographie
26.06.2014Daniel Baumgarten TU Ilmenau Magnetic particle imaging
25.06.2014Ole Elvetun Farewell Talk
25.06.2014Ulrich Hartleif Masterarbeit Segmentation Models
18.06.2014Sebastian Suhr A Nonlinear Variational Approach to Motion-Corrected Reconstruction of Density Images
18.06.2014Carolin Rossmanith Masterarbeit Dynamic SPECT
18.06.2014Lena Frerking TGV-Based Flow Estimation for 4D Cell Migration
16.06.2014Florian Knoll New York University Reducing data acquisition time in MR-PET
21.05.2014Jens RademacherUni Bremen TBA
21.05.2014Carolin Roßmanith WWU Masterarbeit Dynamic SPECT
19.05.2014Michel Defrise Brüssel Current directions in PET imaging: Quantification using Time of Flight
30.04.2014Leonie Zeune Masterarbeit Elektronentomographie
02.04.2014Ole Loseth Elveton Universität Münster An introduction to the FEniCS Software
26.03.2014Joana Grah Münster/Cambridge Masterarbeit Cell Tracking
26.03.2014Eva Brinkmann Münster Color Bregman TV
24.03.2014Matthias Schlottbom Universität Darmstadt Numerical Methods for Parameter Identification in Stationary Radiative Transfer
17.03.2014Lars Ruthotto UBC Vancouver A Numerical Framework for Inverse Problems with Hyperbolic PDE-Constraints
26.02.2014Paul Striewski Münster Opto-Akustische Tomographie
20.02.2014Chantal Oberson-Ausoni Paris Geometric algebra for vector fields analysis and visualization
12.02.2014Holger Dette et al. Bochum Arbeitsgemeinschaft zu statistischen inversen Problemen
05.02.2014Ulrich Hartleif Münster Masterarbeit Segmentierung
22.01.2014Dr. Flaviana Iurlano Universität Bonn Asymptotic analysis of certain damage models in linearized elasticity
18.12.2013Janic Foecke WWU 3D Deconvolution with z-Superresolution
04.12.2013Lina Eckardt WWU Spectral TV
04.12.2013Sabrina Hugo WWU Inverse Scattering
13.11.2013Kristina Thurmann WWU Motion-corrected reconstruction
06.11.2013Sebastian Suhr WWU ..
06.11.2013Julian Rasch WWU Moving Mice
09.10.2013Alex Sawatzky WWU ..
02.10.2013Ole Elvetun WWU ..
10.07.2013Rachel Hegemann Münster Farewell talk
19.06.2013Leo Bronstein Uni Münster Rauschmodelle in der Bildrekonstruktion
29.04.2013Theresa Stocks Masterarbeit
17.04.2013Matthias Liero WIAS Berlin On gradient structures and geodesic convexity for reaction-diffusion systems
14.02.2013Ruth Baker Oxford Connecting mesoscale and macroscale models of cellular migration
06.02.2013Christoph Brune WWU Learning and design methods for compressive sensing in nanoimaging
16.01.2013Jonas Hoppe WWU Tba
19.12.2012Lena Frerking Axon Transport
14.12.2012Carola Schönlieb Cambridge Noise estimation by PDE-constrained optimisation:
13.12.2012Bertram Duering Sussex Structure preserving numerical methods for Wasserstein gradient flows
12.12.2012Dr. Sepideh MirrahimiEcole Polytechnique, Paris "A Hamilton-Jacobi approach for mutation-selection models"
12.12.2012Marie-Therese Wolfram Wien Schneekanonen und Preisbildung
05.12.2012Lisa Thüs Optical Tomography
05.12.2012Sabrina Dill Report on PET/Bregman-TV project
27.11.2012Lars Ruthotto WWU Farewell talk
22.11.2012Skiseminar im SS 2012/2013
21.11.2012Simone Fagioli Aquila Measure solutions for nonlocal interaction PDEs with two species
21.11.2012Sina Tellen WWU Sparsity for EEG/MEG
16.11.2012Christian Schmeiser Vienna Mathematical modeling of actin driven cell motility
14.11.2012Rachel Hegemann WWU Tba
07.11.2012Braxton Osting University of California Los Angeles Some spectral optimization problems arising in optics and data collection
07.11.2012Sebastian Suhr WWU Motion corrected PET
24.01.2012Cecile Louchet Orleans Total Variation denoising using posterior expectation
19.01.2012Anja Voss-Böhme TU Dresden Interacting particle systems for analyzing emergent collective cell behavior
02.11.2011Sven Barendt Universität Lübeck Attenuation correction in SPECT
17.10.2011Alexander Lorz Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris Dirac Mass Dynamics in Parabolic Equations
20.07.2011Studierende Praktikumsvorstellung SPECT
30.05.2011Robin Strehlow Universität Bremen The Tikhonov Functional and Normsensitivity of its Minimizer
19.05.2011Miroslav Lachowicz Universität Warschau On a system of partial integro--differential equations modelling cancer invasion
04.05.2011Hendrik Dirks Neues zur Segmentierung
10.02.2011 Mini-Workshop on Cell Migration
09.02.2011Marcisse Fuego Universität Münster TBA
03.02.2011Louise Reips Münster Constitutive model for viscoelastic material applied to the simulation of connective tissues
26.01.2011Stefanie Kälz EKG Rekonstruktion
19.01.2011Pia Heins 4D Rekonstruktion
12.01.2011Martin Benning irgendwas mit Fehlerabschätzung und exakten Lösungen
15.12.2010Jan Hegemann, Michael Möller
08.12.2010Yiqiu Dong Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry, Helmholtz Zentrum München An Efficient Primal-Dual Method for L1-TV Image Restoration
01.12.2010Bärbel Schlake Universität Münster Irgendwas mit Ion Channels
30.11.2010Maria Bruna-Estrach Oxford Excluded volume effects in diffusion of hard spheres
24.11.2010Carola Schönlieb CambridgeCarola Schönlieb (Cambridge), Marzena Franek
10.11.2010Frank erzählt über das Registrierungs-GUI, Martin auch irgendwas
03.11.2010Christoph Brune 4D Imaging in Tomography and Optical Nanoscopy, Dissertation
27.10.2010Dirk Mannweiler Asymptotische Methoden für PDGL
20.10.2010Jan Pietschmann, Marie-Therese Wolfram Cambridge TBA