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  • Inverse Probleme
  • Mathematische Bildverarbeitung
  • Medizinische Bildrekonstruktion
  • Mathematische Modellierung und Simulation in der Biomedizin
  • Partielle Differentialgleichungen



Neueste Publikationen

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Wolters, CarstenFinite Element Method based Electro- and Magnetoencephalography Source Analysis in the Human Brain (kumulative Habilitationsschrift)


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Wagner, SvenOptimizing tCS and TMS multi-sensor setups using realistic head models
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Lucka, FelixBayesian Inversion in Biomedical Imaging
Felix LuckaBayesian Inversion in Biomedical Imaging
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Lanfer, BenjaminAutomatic Generation of Volume Conductor Models of the Human Head for EEG Source Analysis
Jan HegemannEfficient Evolution Algorithms for Embedded Interfaces
Jahn MüllerAdvanced Image Reconstruction and Denoising: Bregmanized (Higher order) Total Variation and Application in PET
Marcisse FouegoOptimal Control of Transient Drift-Diffusion and Nonlinear Schrödinger-Poisson Problems
Louise ReipsParameter Identification in Medical Imaging
Lars RuthottoHyperelastic Image Registration - Theory, Numerical Mehods, and Applications
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Kattrin ArningMathematical Modelling and Simulation of Ion Channels
Marie-Therese WolframForward and Inverse Solvers for Electrodiffusion Systems
Hackl, BenjaminShape Variations, Level Set and Phase-field Methods for Perimeter Regularized Geometric Inverse Problems