Financing opportunities

A semester abroad often entails additional financial burdens. Therefore, it is important that you look for suitable funding opportunities in good time. Scholarships are often awarded well in advance of the stay abroad, so deal with funding opportunities as early as possible. Depending on the scholarship, it may make sense to do so as early as 1.5 years before your desired stay. For information on funding for internships abroad, Erasmus+ study exchange and stays for teaching practice abroad, please speak with the respective contact persons there.


  • PROMOS scholarships

    In connection with the Bologna Reform, the DAAD started to fund shorter stays abroad by German students (up to six months) worldwide. Under this program, students of Münster University can apply for financial support in the form of partial scholarships, travel allowances, and course fee allowances for specific study-related projects abroad directly at the International Office. Please note that the DAAD has discontinued most of the corresponding one-semester scholarship programs at the same time.
    More information on PROMOS scholarships

  • DAAD one-year scholarships and doctoral grants

    In Germany, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the most important institution for awarding scholarships abroad. It promotes international academic relations through the exchange of students and scholars through various scholarship programs.
    More information on DAAD scholarships

  • Fulbright scholarships for the USA

    An important funding organization is the Fulbright Commission. It awards full, partial and travel scholarships to German students for study visits at the graduate level in the USA as well as scholarships for doctoral students for research stays in the USA.
    More information on Fulbright scholarships

  • Study and research scholarships for humanities students in Japan

    Students, doctoral candidates and scholars of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Münster can apply for financial support for study, research or teaching stays at Japanese universities or research institutions from funds of the Schneider-Sasakawa Fund.
    More information on the Schneider-Sasakawa Scholarship

  • Scholarships from foundations

    Financial support for a stay abroad can also be obtained from various foundations as well as the “Begabtenförderungswerke”.


    Aside from the large funding providers in Germany, there are numerous (smaller) foundations which offer scholarships to students who wish to study abroad. For whatever subject you plan to study at a foreign university, there is at least one foundation which supports academics in that field. 
    For a complete list of foundations, visit the foundation database operated by the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen (Federal Association of German Foundations).
    The website, for example, can help you find the right foundation or scholarship for your needs. You can use various search criteria to see which options might be suitable for you.

    Talent promotion programmes

    You can obtain financial aid for your study visit abroad from one of the large German talent promotion programmes. In addition to considering one's academic qualifications, many scholarship providers support applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to social, cultural, religious, political or trade union-related causes.

  • International grants, education funds and education loans

    A funding possibility not only for particularly excellent students is the "Auslands-BAföG". You can often receive support through BAföG abroad even if you are not entitled to BAföG in Germany, as other assessment limits and tax-free amounts apply abroad.
    BAföG abroad, education fund and education loan