Financing opportunities

Study abroad is very rewarding but can often be an additional financial strain. That is why it's important to look into financing options as early as possible. For study visits lasting an entire academic year, you should start looking for financial aid about one and half years before you expect to begin your visit. If you plan to stay just one semester, it is usually sufficient to start your search eight months in advance. For more information about foreign internships, Erasmus student exchange programmes and foreign teaching internships [de], please speak with the respective advisor or contact partner.

PROMOS scholarships

In connection with the Bologna Reform, the DAAD established the PROMOS mobility programme in 2011 which has since helped numerous German students finance short-term foreign study visits (up to six months) around the world. Students of the University of Münster can apply directly for PROMOS funding at the International Office to receive, e.g. partial scholarships, flat-rate travel expense allowances and course fee grants for certain academically related endeavours. Please note that the DAAD has simultaneously concluded most of its former one-semester scholarship programmes.
More information on PROMOS scholarships

DAAD one-year scholarships and doctoral grants

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is Germany's largest provider of foreign scholarships. With its wide range of funding and scholarship programmes, it strengthens international relations in academia by promoting the exchange of students and researchers around the world.
More information on DAAD scholarships [de]

Fulbright scholarships for the USA

The Fulbright Commission is an important funding organisation for student exchange with the United States. In addition to full, partial and travel scholarships for US-bound German students, it also awards scholarships to doctoral candidates for research visits in the United States.
More information on Fulbright scholarships [de]

Study and research scholarships for humanities students in Japan

Students, doctoral candidates and academics of the Faculty of History and Philosophy (FB 8) of the University of Münster can apply for financial aid through the Schneider-Sasakawa Fund to finance study, research or teaching visits at Japanese universities or research institutes.
More information on the Schneider-Sasakawa Scholarship [de]

Scholarships offered by foundations and talent promotion programmes

You may be eligible to obtain financing for your study visit abroad through scholarships offered by various foundations and talent promotion programmes.
Scholarships offered by foundations and talent promotion programmes [de]

BAföG funding for study abroad, education fund and student loans

BAföG funding for study visits abroad is an option available to all students – not only the brightest and best. Even if you do not qualify for BAföG funding in Germany, you may be eligible to receive BAföG funding for study abroad as the income limits and personal allowances are calculated differently.
BAföG funding for study abroad, education fund and student loans