Study and research scholarships for humanities students in Japan

Guidelines for applying for a Schneider-Sasakawa Scholarship

The Schneider-Sasakawa Fund of the University of Münster offers members of the faculties which used to belong to the Faculty of Philosophy the chance to apply for financial aid to study, research and/or teach at universities, research institutes or other scientific organisations in Japan. Students, doctoral candidates and academics of the Faculty of Educational and Social Science (FB 6), Psychology and Sport Science (FB 7), History/Philosophy (FB 8) and Philology (FB 9) are eligible to apply. Candidates can apply for funding to cover travel, accommodation and living expenses, as well as tuition fees for study visits in Japan.

Applicants should submit an informal application by 1 July for projects starting in the next academic year (i.e. October of the same year until September of the following year) via e-mail to: 

Geschäftsstelle des Schneider-Sasakawa-Fonds
International Office der WWU Münster

Please include the following with your application:

  • exposé (2-3 pages) about your proposal and how it directly relates to your (research) activities or those of your institute
  • curriculum vitae (CV)
  • finance plan
  • for student and doctoral applicants: brief assessment by your advisor or doctoral supervisor
  • for study visits at Japanese universities: letter of admission from the host university (can be submitted later if not available at the time of application)
  • your contact data including bank details in case your scholarship application is approved.

All applications are reviewed and chosen once a year by the Schneider-Sasakawa selection committee of the University of Münster, usually no later than the beginning of September. Approved funding is paid to the applicant via the International Office or the finance and accounts department. Scholarship recipients are asked to submit a case report and financial report in English together with the original documents to the office of the Schneider-Sasakawa Fund within three months after completing their visit to Japan.