Secondary School Education (BA HRSGe)

To earn teaching qualification at the secondary school level, candidates must complete a Secondary School Education bachelor's degree programme (BA HRSGe).

Candidates are required to major in three subjects:

  • 1st subject of instruction
  • 2nd subject of instruction
  • Educational Studies*

You may choose from the following mandatory subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry*
  • German*
  • English
  • Protestant Religious Studies*
  • History*
  • Islamic Religious Studies*
  • Catholic Religious Studies*
  • Mathematics*
  • Physics*
  • Practical Philosophy*
  • Economics - Politics

Please note that some of these subjects may not be combined with others. This particularly applies to the following so-called "optional" subjects which may be combined with only one mandatory subject:

  • French*
  • Geography
  • Art (admission from Kunstakademie Münster required)
  • Music* (aptitude test required)
  • Dutch*
  • Sport (aptitude test required)*

Subjects marked with an asterisk (*) are non-restricted.

When applying for admission to a BA HRSGe programme via the Application Portal, you must indicate all of your desired subject combinations! A non-restricted subject can be changed to another non-restricted subject at enrolment.

You are interested in majoring in Biology, German and English in a BA HRSGe programme. You wish to combine Educational Studies with two of your majors. Educational Studies is then automatically added to the combination. This means you will be applying for the three combinations:

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If you wish to major in two non-restricted subjects, it is not required to submit an application because Educational Studies is a non-restricted degree subject.

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