Primary School Education

To earn teaching qualification at the primary school level, candidates must complete a Primary School Education bachelor's degree programme (BA G).

Candidates are required to major in four subjects:

  • Learning Area I (Language Fundamentals)
  • Learning Area II (Mathematical Fundamentals)
  • Educational Studies
  • Free elective in a 3rd subject of instruction (in a restricted or non-restricted subject)

You can choose between the following subjects as your free elective:

  • English
  • Protestant Religious Studies*
  • Islamic Religious Studies*
  • Catholic Religious Studies*
  • Art (Admission from Kunstakademie Münster required)
  • Learning Area Natural Sciences and Social Studies
  • Music* (aptitude test required)
  • Sport and Physical Education (aptitude test required)*

Subjects marked with an asterisk (*) are non-restricted.

Please indicate on the Application Portal which subject you wish to choose as your free elective. As soon as you enter your choice, the mandatory subjects will be automatically filled in for you. Afterwards, you may indicate other subjects which you would like to study as well.

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