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In the following you will find helpful advice on obtaining accommodation. Be sure to start looking as early as possible because affordable student flats in Münster are in high demand and the University does not operate residence halls of its own.

Halls of residence operated by the Student Support Services (Studierendenwerk) Münster

Exchange students can apply for a room in a student hall of residence operated by the Studierendenwerk Münster (Student Support Services). The online application form can be found on the  Studierendenwerk website [de].

Please note:
Due to a limited number of rooms, you should apply as soon as possible – best until the end of July

Studierendenwerk Münster
Tel: +49 251 83-79553
Homepage of the Student Support Services (Studierendenwerk)
Bismarckallee 5 | 48151 Münster


  • How do I apply?

    • After logging on to the Studierendenwerk Münster website, you can apply for a room online by selecting "Online-Bewerbung" under the heading "Studentisches Wohnen".
    • Choose the English-language application form (if desired) by clicking the language button at the upper right-hand corner.
    • Please exclusively choose ‚single room furnished‘ (including single room plus shared Bathroom/kitchen). The number of all other options is restricted, and reserved for long-term students
    • Fill in all of the required fields.
    • In order to participate in the Welcome Week events for new students, we recommend entering  1 March (summer semester) or 1 September (winter semester) as your "desired date of moving in". This also increases your chances of receiving a room.
    • When calculating how long you plan to live in Münster, keep in mind that examinations are often administered up to four weeks after the end of lectures. For more information, see our academic calendar.
    • After submitting your online application, you will receive an email from the Studierendenwerk asking you to confirm your place on the waiting list. This shows them that you are still interested in receiving a room in a student hall of residence.
  • You received a room offer? Now what?

    • When a room becomes available, the Studierendenwerk Münster will send you an offer by email two months before your desired moving-in date.
    • If you wish to accept the offer, you must notify the Studierendenwerk by the date indicated in their email.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you turn down the offer, your application is automatically deleted and you will NOT be considered for any further offers!
    • As soon as you sign the rental contract, the Studierendenwerk requires you to pay the first month's rent and a security deposit. The bank details for transferring payment are provided in the rental contract.
    • Please return the signed copies of the rental contract by post to the Studierendenwerk Münster.