Applications and enrolment

Exchange students must follow a certain procedure in order to be allowed to enrol and study at the University of Münster. In the following we explain the necessary steps.


1. Nomination by your home university

First, your home university must nominate you for a study-abroad visit in Münster. This nomination includes your full name and email address. Your nomination should be submitted to the International Office of the University of Münster via email to by the respective deadline:


  Worldwide partner universities ERASMUS partner universities
1 April 1 May
1 October 1 November


2. Application for admission

After we have received your nomination for a study-abroad visit, you have to apply for admission via the online application portal. The link to this portal will be sent to you via email by the International Office of the University of Münster upon receipt of your nomination.

First, print out and complete the online form (this is your official application form!). Please send the form as a pdf document by e-mail to:

Please note that your application must be submitted by:


  Worldwide partner universities ERASMUS partner universities
1 May 1 June
1 November 1 December


3. Admission

The International Office of the University of Münster will send you notification of admission by post. This letter of admission is an official document entitling you to study at the University of Münster, which you must bring with you in order to enrol.

Visa (does not apply to ERASMUS students)

Exchange students who come to Germany through the ERASMUS Programme are not required to apply for a visa – unless they are from Turkey.  Citizens from all other countries require a study visa. You can apply for a study visa at the German embassy in your country by presenting your letter of admission.
List of countries whose citizens require a visa:


4. Enrolment

You must officially enrol at the University of Münster after your arrival at the beginning of the semester. You will receive your enrolment date in a seperate email.

Please bring the following documents to enrol:

  • Letter of admission
  • Passport or Identity Card
  • Certificate of enrolment from your home university
  • Certificate confirming health insurance coverage