The University of Münster is one of the largest universities in Germany with a rich and time-honoured tradition. It enjoys an outstanding reputation in the region and far beyond. Fifteen faculties with 120 degree programmes and some 30 research centres comprise the institutional backbone of the University. Some 43,000 students and 5,600 academics appreciate the University's excellent research opportunities, high-quality teaching, promotion of junior researchers, and the advantages of living in the city of Münster. Our slogan sums it up best: "living.knowledge". The University of Münster is signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum.

Cell Dynamics and Imaging
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Cutting-edge research

As a research-oriented university, the University of Münster has made pioneering progress in numerous areas. Two Excellence Clusters, ten collaborative research centres (SFB), several research training groups and 30 research centres collectively advance inter- and transdisciplinary collaborative research and individual disciplinary research projects.

Students in front of the library
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Promotion of junior researchers

The University of Münster actively supports its junior researchers as part of its academic personnel development strategy. Career counselling and funding opportunities, structured doctoral programmes and qualification measures provide candidates with a more transparent and plannable career path into academia.

University lecture
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Studying and teaching

The University of Münster is well-known for its large and distinguished faculties, such as Law and Medicine, but also for its so-called exotic subjects like Scandinavian Studies. The diverse and research-oriented course offerings attract several thousand students to Münster each year.

Schloss Münster
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Sustainability [de]

As a university, the University of Münster forms an important space for experience in sustainable action and the transfer of sustainability skills to future generations. Numerous disciplinary as well as inter- and transdisciplinary research projects contribute to addressing the major societal challenge, and Münster University itself also strives to implement sustainability in its own area of responsibility.

Intenational students
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Equal opportunity and diversity

The University of Münster sees equal opportunity and diversity as a strength that impacts all areas of university development and management. The University of Münster is strongly committed to ensuring that all staff members and students are treated equally with respect and consideration regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, handicap, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

International students
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The University of Münster has concluded more than 550 partnership agreements with universities and academic institutes worldwide – from nearby Enschede in the Netherlands to Beijing, China. Some 3,600 foreign students and 700 distinguished visiting researchers currently study and research at the University of Münster.