The University and its partners

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The University of Münster cooperates very closely with scientific institutes and corporate partners in a number of areas. These collaborations are conducted at both a regional and international level.

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The University and its partners

The University of Münster supports a wide variety of projects and cooperative ventures. In this way, it plays an important role in promoting academic and scientific networking in the Münsterland region.

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Sponsors & alumni

The University of Münster relies on a broad base of partners and sponsors who are committed to supporting profile-building and creative projects in research, teaching and academia. In addition to the Stiftung WWU and the University Society Münster, these include other foundations, funding associations, companies, alumni and other donors. The central contact partner for sponsors is the University Fundraising Department.

The University also maintains close ties to its former students and staff.  As the largest network at the University of Münster, the Alumni Club enables alumni to stay in touch with their alma mater and one other. Faculty and institute-based alumni associations contribute to strengthening the network in their respective disciplines.