The Turkish-German University (TDU) is a state-run academic institution in Istanbul. A consortium of universities, including the University of Münster, is helping to build up the TDU under the leadership of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). There are due to be five faculties:

  • Engineering
  • Natural Sciences
  • Economics and Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Humanities and Cultural Studies

The universities working in the consortium each assume responsibility for one faculty and the foreign language centre of the TGU. They are also helping to build up areas of research and to start up and run courses of study. The aim is to award academic degrees to TGU graduates.

The TGU follows on from the close collaboration between Germany and Turkey in the fields of education and research. It aims to meet the growing demand for well-trained specialists in Turkey. Private foundations and businesses are also to be involved in future, in addition to universities.

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