Guide to international partnerships and agreements

International partnerships can be entered into at university or department level. The International Office has standard agreements which can be used for various forms of cooperation with foreign partners. These standard agreements are designed to provide assistance in negotiations with foreign partners, and individual parts can be adapted to each situation as required. Drafts provided by partner universities can also be used.
Guide on entering into international partnerships and agreements

The International Office will be glad to help you in drawing up any agreement!

Standard agreements for international partnerships

A Memorandum of Understanding is a more general agreement or framework contract which, for example, is signed at university level and which may be supplemented by detailed, department-related agreements on exchanges of students or academics.
Memorandum of Understanding (example)

The Agreement on Student Exchange regulates all the important details relating to exchanges of students
Agreement on Student Exchange (example)

The Agreement on Academic Cooperation and Staff Exchange covers agreements on research collaboration, on exchanges of academics, lecturers and PhD students, or on the organization of joint academic events.
Agreement on Academic Cooperation and Staff Exchange

Exchanges involving students, lecturers and researchers within the European Union are covered by the regulations and cooperation agreements of the ERASMUS programme.