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| | The DPG's "Physicist of the Week" project presents female physicists
© D. Reiter

Doris Reiter is "female physicist of the week"

The project „Physikerin der Woche“ of the German Physical Society (DPG) highlights every week women in physics in Germany or German women in physics abroad. This week (March 22-28) Doris is “Physikerin der Woche” as presented on the DPG-Website and the social media accounts Twitter and Instagram of the “Physikerinnen”.

| | A precise mixture of light and sound – a major step toward phononic quantum technologies
© Universität Augsburg - Matthias Weiß

Nanoscale sound waves vibrate artificial atom

A German-polish research team from Augsburg, Münster, Munich and Wrocław successfully mixed nanoscale sound waves and light quanta. In their study published in Optica the scientists use an ’artificial atom’ that converts the vibrations of the sound wave to single light quanta - photons - with unprecedented precision. The demonstrated fundamental principle marks an important step toward the development of future hybrid quantum technologies. Light and sound waves form the backbone of modern communication technology. While light transmits data across the globe in fibre optical network, sound wave-based chips are used in the wireless communication between routers, tablets or smartphones. At the dawn of the new era of quantum communications, these two key technologies have been made fit for the future. Here, so-called hybrid quantum technologies are key.

| | Physicists integrate diamond-based quantum systems into nanophotonic circuits / Study published in "Nano Letters"
© P. Schrinner/AG Schuck

Controlling fully integrated nanodiamonds

Using modern nanotechnology, it is possible nowadays to produce structures which have a feature sizes of just a few nanometres. This world of the most minute particles – also known as quantum systems – makes possible a wide range of technological applications, in fields which include magnetic field sensing, information processing, secure communication or ultra-precise time keeping. The production of these microscopically small structures has progressed so far that they reach dimensions below the wavelength of light. In this way, it is possible to break down hitherto existent boundaries in optics and utilize the quantum properties of light. In other words, nanophotonics represent a novel approach to quantum technologies.

| | "Collaboration Grants": a funding instrument used jointly by the Universities of Münster and Twente
© WWU - Peter Leßmann

We support cross-border cooperation

The universities in Twente and Münster have maintained a close partnership for many years. Both universities work together in numerous areas. In addition to research cooperation and joint study programmes, both universities also offer regular exchanges for students and staff. The two university managements are now going one step further: they want to deepen their strategic partnership and identify opportunities for further cooperation and strengthen the existing research alliances.

Münster (upm/sr)
| Researchers at Münster University develop an easy-to-produce interface between quantum emitters and nanophotonic networks
© J. Olthaus, P. Schrinner et al.

Physicists couple key components of quantum technologies

Quantum effects are genuinely found in the world of nanostructures and allow a wide variety of new technological applications. For example, a quantum computer could in the future solve problems, which conventional computers need a lot of time to handle. All over the world, researchers are engaged in intensive work on the individual components of quantum technologies – these include circuits that process information using single photons instead of electricity, as well as light sources producing such individual quanta of light. Coupling these two components to produce integrated quantum optical circuits on chips presents a particular challenge.

FS Physik
| Laureate 2019 - Prof. Dr. Peter Krüger
© FS Physik

The Physics Student Council’s Teaching Prize

The Student Council’s award went to Prof. Dr. Peter Krüger this year, for the lecture series "Electronic Correlations and Magnetism" and "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics", a master lecture from the section of Physics of Low-Dimensional Solids and a bachelor lecture.

wissen|leben No. 4, 2019
| PhD student Christian Schwermann meets 39 Nobel Prize winners - two physicists of the WWU at a conference in Lindau
© Lisa Luks

Learn from outstanding researchers

For 68 years, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Conference has brought together successful scientists and young researchers. This year the conference is dedicated to physics. From June 30 to July 5, 39 Nobel Laureates will meet 580 excellent students, doctoral candidates and postdocs under 35 years of age from 89 countries at Lake Constance. In a multi-stage international selection process, two young physicists from the WWU Münster have also convinced the jury. In this issue of wissen|leben, Christian Schwermann describes his expectations.

Münster (upm/sk)
| Outstanding referee - American Physical Society (APS)

Personal data in the month of February 2019

Professor Dr. Michael Rohlfing from the Institute of Solid State Theory was honored by the American Physical Society (APS) as "Outstanding Referee". Outstanding Referees are scientists who are honored for special review activities for APS journals.

AG Reiter | Promotion
| PhD
© Richard Kerber

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Kerber

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Kerber to his PhD. Richard handed in his thesis „Numerical Study of the Interaction between Orbital Angular Momentum and Plasmonic Nanostructures“ last year and defended in January 2019. He will be awarded his PhD in the official ceremony on February 1st, 2019. During his PhD studies Richard has published three papers in high-ranked journals, performed research in London, gave tutorials, organized the PhD-student-seminar and much more. We wish Richard all the best for his future!

Institut für Festkörpertheorie
| Wed, 17.10.2018

Bachelor/Master Day 2018

The Bachelor-Master Day is supposed to bring you students in contact with the working groups at the department and thus show you the possible subject areas for bachelor and master theses.


At first, a brief talk by the Student Council gives an overview of the rules in the exam regulations and the compulsory optional modules in the master's programm. After that, the main part of the event takes place: the poster sessions in the IG1 foyer. There, all working groups have the opportunity to present their group, areas of work and possible topics for bachelor and master theses.


Michael Rohlfing
| CRC 1083 Workshop
© SFB 1083 / Univ. Marburg

Workshop of the CRC 1083 (Marburg/Münster)

Workshop on June 14/15, 2018 in Münster

Am 14./15. Juni 2018 findet im Rahmen der Kollaboration des SFB 1083 (Philipps-Universität Marburg) mit der Universität Münster und dem Forschungszentrum Jülich der Workshop "Structure and Dynamics of Internal Interfaces / TMDC materials" in Münster statt.

Münster (upm)
| Lectures

Physics at lunchtime 2018

Physicists invite to public lecture series

After the great success of the "Highlights of Physics" last year with 60,000 visitors, the Department of Physics of the University of Münster (WWU) is once again offering an event for the general public: Speaking at the lecture series "Physics at lunchtime" once a month Münster physics professors. They combine vivid explanations of recent work on Nobel Prizes with current research at the WWU. "Physics at lunchtime" always starts on Saturdays at 12 o'clock in the lecture hall F2 of the Fürstenberghaus, Domplatz 20-22.

Institut für Festkörpertheorie
| OPON 2018
© D. Wigger

OPON 2018

5th International Workshop on the Optical Properties of Nanostructures

The 5th International Workshop on the Optical Properties of Nanostructures (OPON2018) will take place in Münster. The workshop is a continuation of the highly successful workshops that were held in Wrocław, Münster and Bayreuth. The purpose of the series of workshops is the exchange of ideas related to theoretical and experimental work in the field of optical properties of nanostructures and other solid state systems.

Münster (upm/kk)
| Promotion
© WWU - Peter Leßmann

Highest praise for 123 graduates

Rectorate honors "summa-cum-laude" doctoral candidates

The rectorate of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) honored the best doctoral candidates of the year 2017 on Friday (December 1st). 123 young scientists had received the highest praise for their dissertation and thus the best possible title "summa cum laude".

Münster (upm)
© privat

"Infineon PhD Award" for physicist Dr. Matthias Drüppel

Department of Physics distinguishes work on modern ultrathin semiconductors

Dr. Matthias Drüppel from the Institute for Solid State Theory of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) receives an Infineon PhD Award worth 2.500 Euro for his outstanding dissertation. The physicist has studied the basic optical properties of novel, atomically thin semiconductor materials. These can serve as a starting point for the next generation of optical and electronic components. The Department of Physics of the WWU awards the Infineon PhD Award annually together with Infineon AG, Warstein.

Münster (upm)
| Infineon Master Award
© privat/Lisa Luks

Award for outstanding master thesis in physics

"Infineon Master Award" goes to Christian Schwermann

The 24-year-old physicist Christian Schwermann receives the "Infineon Master Award" 2016, endowed with 1,500 Euro, for his outstanding master's thesis. The award is presented by the Department of Physics of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) and Infineon AG, Warstein.

Münster (upm/ja)
| 2016
© WWU - Peter Grewer

Highest praise for 86 doctoral candidates

Rectorate honors best junior scientists

The rectorate of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) honored the best PhD students of the year 2016 on Friday, December 2nd. 86 junior scientists had received the highest praise for their dissertation and thus the best possible "summa cum laude" rating.

Münster (upm/pw)
© WWU - Laura Schenk

Rectorate welcomes newly appointed professors

New acquisitions cover a wide range of research

What does the urban mobility of the future look like? What can physics say about the movement of cancer cells through the human body? And how do children learn to read? What legal dimensions does blockchain technology have and what communication options does music offer us?

Münster (upm/ch)
| Publikation in Nature Chemistry
© WWU/Harald Fuchs

Scientists show that carbon molecules "ride" on gold atoms

"Curtain roll principle" solves apparent contradiction / researchers publish study in "Nature Chemistry"

Many scientists are currently focusing their research on a class of carbon compounds that are important for targeting surfaces and controlling catalytic reactions. However, little is known about the behavior of these molecules, called carbenes. Chemists and physicists of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) succeeded in elucidating a new and completely unexpected property of the carbenes. They showed how these molecules manage to self-assemble and form stable films. The study has now been published online in the journal Nature Chemistry.

Münster (upm/sk)
| Nomination

Personalien im August 2016

Dr. Doris Reiter appointed junior professor

Dr. Doris Reiter was appointed junior professor on 4 August for the subject "Theoretical Physics" with alignment "Ultrafast Optics in Nanostructured Solids" at the Institute of Solid State Theory.

FS Physik (LEs)
© WWU/Fachschaft Physik

The physics student council's teaching prize: Laureate 2016

Prof. Dr. Nikos Doltsinis

The Student Council’s award went to Prof. Dr. Nikos Doltsinis this year, who managed to give the fourth-semester students an understanding of the Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, a conceptionally very difficult topic, in the past year.

Münster (upm/sk)

Personalien im August 2016


Dr. Thorsten Deilmann from the Department of Physics received the "Infineon Promotionspreis", endowed with 2,500 Euro, for his outstanding dissertation. The physicist developed computational methods that can predict the properties of nanostructures based on fundamental physical principles.

Münster (upm)
© privat

Infineon PhD Award for physicist Thorsten Deilmann

Department of Physics of the WWU distinguishes the search for novel optoelectronic devices

For his outstanding Ph.D. Thorsten Deilmann from the Institute of Solid State Theory of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) awarded the 2500 Euro Infineon Promotion Prize 2016. The physicist developed computational methods with which the properties of nanostructures can be predicted on the basis of fundamental physical principles. The Infineon Promotion Prize is awarded annually by the Department of Physics of the WWU and Infineon AG (Warstein).

Münster (upm)
| Publication in Nature Physics

In search of magnetic properties of molecules

Research group presents new study

How can large amounts of data be stored in the future? And how can data be processed more efficiently and faster? One possible solution could be molecular magnets, which serve as digital storage units. With their help, extremely high data density could be achieved. That is why physicists, chemists and materials scientists are intensively researching the magnetic properties of complex molecules. If these properties were known and predictable, the results could also be used in spintronics, for example. A research team from the Forschungszentrum Jülich, the University of Münster and the Technische Universität Dortmund investigated the spin interactions in molecular magnets - because spin is the property of electrons that is responsible for magnetism. They found that these are not only influenced by quantum mechanics, but also directly by chemical interactions. The results of the study have now been published in the journal Nature Physics.

FS Physik (FBa)
| 2015
© WWU/Fachschaft Physik

The physics student council's teaching prize: Laureate 2015

Prof. Dr. Michael Rohlfing

Fitting the theme of the International year of light, the Physics Student Council has awarded in Prof. Dr. Michael Rohlfing that lecturer who has been able to familiarize students with electromagnetism, optics and the special theory of relativity, or in other words: the physics of light.

Münster (upm/ja)
| summa cum laude
© WWU - Peter Grewer

Excellent graduations


The best doctors of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) were honored on Friday by the rectorate at the "summa cum laude" award. Exactly 116 managed their promotion with the best predicate: summa cum laude. In their honor, the rectorate invited them to a reception in the Münster castle. The musical accompaniment was provided by students of the conservatory. The award ceremony was presented by the Vice Rector for International and Young Researchers, Prof. Dr. Cornelia Denz, and the Vice Rector for Research, Prof. Dr. Stephan Ludwig.


Münster (upm)

Trauer um Prof. em. Otto Krisement

Die Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster trauert um ihr Mitglied, den emeritierten Universitätsprofessor für Physik Dr. rer. nat. Otto Krisement der am 6. Juni 2013 im Alter von 92 Jahren verstorben ist. Otto Krisement wurde am 21. August 1920 in Leverkusen-Wiesdorf geboren. Das Studium an der Universität zu Köln schloss er 1950 mit der Promotion ab und war dann von 1951 bis 1965 am MPI für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf tätig. Nach der Habilitation 1960 an der RWTH Aachen folgte er 1965 einem Ruf auf eine Professur für Theoretische Physik am Institut für Metallforschung der WWU Münster. Später wurde er zum Direktor des neu gegründeten Instituts für Theoretische Physik (jetzt Institut für Festkörpertheorie) ernannt, wo er bis zu seiner Emeritierung im Jahr 1985 wirkte.


Professor Krisement war ein engagierter akademischer Lehrer, der Generationen von Studierenden die gesamte Breite der Theoretischen Physik in vielen Kurs- und Spezialvorlesungen vermittelt hat. In der Forschung beschäftigte er sich mit Themen aus dem Bereich der Metallkunde, der Physik von Flüssigkeiten und der Theorie der Phasenübergänge. Bis zu seiner Emeritierung war er darüber hinaus of zieller Vertreter der Universität Münster im wissenschaftlich-technischen Rat des Forschungszentrums Jülich.


Die Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität verliert mit Otto Krisement einen geschätzten Kollegen und anerkannten akademischen Lehrer. Sie wird ihm ein ehrendes Andenken bewahren.

Münster (upm/nor)
© WWU - Peter Grewer

Eine lebhafte Mischung

WWU heißt 22 neue Professorinnen und Professoren willkommen

Wenn Historiker auf Physiker, Wirtschaftswissenschaftler auf Chemiker und Philosophen auf Juristen treffen, verspricht diese Mischung in jedem Fall eine interessante Veranstaltung. Entsprechend lebhaft und anregend verlief auch die jüngste "Neuberufenen-Begrüßung" an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU): 22 neu berufene Professorinnen und Professoren aus neun Fachbereichen hieß das Rektorat jetzt an der WWU willkommen. "Wir sind froh darüber, dass Sie sich für die Universität Münster entschieden haben. Und wir werden alles dafür tun, dass Sie sich hier wohl fühlen und ideale Arbeitsbedingungen vorfinden", betonte Rektorin Prof. Dr. Ursula Nelles.

Münster (upm/kw)
| Nomination


Namen und Nachrichten der WWU

Prof. Dr. Michael Rohlfing from the University of Osnabrück was appointed University Professor for "Theoretical Physics" at the Institute for Solid State Theory on February 1st.

Münster (upm/sk)
| Retirement
© privat


Namen und Nachrichten von der Universität Münster

Professor Dr. Johannes Pollmann vom Institut für Festkörpertheorie wurde zum Ende des Monats September in den Ruhestand versetzt.

Münster (upm/ch)
| Infineon Master Award

Excellent diploma thesis

"Infineon-Master-Award" goes to physicist Sebastian Lüker

The 26-year-old physicist Sebastian Lüker receives the "Infineon Master Award" for his outstanding diploma thesis in the summer semester 2012. The Department of Physics of the University of Münster awards this award together with the company Infineon, Warstein. The Master Award awards each of the best diploma or master's thesis in the subject area of ​​a semester.

Münster (upm/ch)
| Inaugural lecture
© WWU / privat

Double inaugural lecture

Professors Nikos Doltsinis and Michael Klasen present themselves at the Department of Physics

Two new physics professors from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) will introduce themselves to their students and colleagues on Thursday, October 20. The Dean's Office for Physics cordially invites the interested public to the inaugural lecture of Prof. Dr. Nikos Doltsinis and Prof. Dr. Michael Klasen. Start is at 16 clock in the lecture hall 2 of the Physics Institute, Wilhelm-Klemm-Straße 10.



Namen und Nachrichten von der Universität Münster

Privatdozent Nikos Doltsinis of London's King's College has been appointed university professor of "Theoretical Physics - Theory of Functional Nanostructures" at the Department of Physics, Institute of Solid State Theory.

OPON 2012

A German-Polish premiere

Physicists from Münster and Wroclaw invite to the first joint workshop

It is the result of a successful cooperation between Polish and German physicists: The first "Polish-German workshop on the optical properties of nanostructures" came to an end in Wroclaw, Poland. More than 60 physicists, mainly from Poland and Germany, discussed current research in nanophysics for three days. The workshop was jointly organized by two professors of the Wrocław University of Technology, Pawel Machnikowski and Jan Misiewicz, and by Prof. Dr. Tilmann Kuhn from the University of Münster.

© WWU/Peter Grewer

Höchstes Lob für Spitzenforscher

Rektorin zeichnet beste Dissertationen des Jahres aus

Die Zahlen sind beeindruckend: Rund 700 Studierende haben im Studienjahr 2009/2010 ihre Promotionsprüfung an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster bestanden - 135 davon sogar mit Auszeichnung, mit der akademischen Note "summa cum laude". Ihnen gebühre höchstes Lob, betonte WWU-Rektorin Prof. Dr. Ursula Nelles, die die Verfasser der besten Dissertationen am heutigen Freitag, 3. Dezember, während einer Feierstunde im Schloss auszeichnete. Jede Absolventin und jeder Absolvent könne stolz auf die eigene Leistung sein. Aber auch die Universität habe Grund zur Freude, denn: "Die Promotionen an der WWU zeichnen sich durch eine beachtliche Breite und durch ein hohes Niveau aus."