Introduction Week


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Hygiene rules

  • In buildings it is highly recommended to wear a medical mask or FFP2 mask at every time, also during the presentations in the lecture halls.
  • We may introduce stronger hygiene rules, if the current pandemic situation represents a risk to great for the event.

During the Introduction Week (also called Orientation Week), the new students (freshmen or “Erstis” in German) receive an introduction to the subject and the Department of Physics from the view of students. The Introduction Week always takes place one week before the lectures start (often the first week of October). We recommend all freshmen with physics as a subject (even as a minor) to attend this introduction.

The Introduction Week 2022 will take place from 04.10. to 07.10.2022 .

In the following, we would like to provide you with some important information in advance. We will upload our information magazine for freshmen in physics – the Ersti-Φbel – as well as the slides to all talks given by members of the Student Council to the internal area after the Introduction Week.

Due to the situation with Corona we don't know yet if the Introduction Week can take place entirely in physical presence. If it is possible the program will be as shown below. But if there should be any changes to the programm we will inform you here.

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Current information

  • The Introduction Week 2022 will take place from 04.10. to 07.10.2022 .
  • Many questions have already been answered in our FAQ section. Don’t hesitate to drop by :-)
  • Registration for lectures is not required (yet). You will get all relevant information during the Introduction Week; you will not have to take care of anything in advance. (Note for double bachelor’s (2FB): This could of course be different for your other subject or in the subject “education”, but considering physics, you don’t need to worry.) Exception: You want to take psychology as a minor subject. If you have any questions about this, it’s probably best to contact us.


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The schedule

We reserve the right to move, change or cancel individual entries in the schedule if reasons pertaining to organization or content demand it.

  • Holiday
  • 10:00–12:00

    Introductory event and tutorials with tour of the institute

    Location: Hörsaal 1

    The event will also be streamed on zoom:

    for physicists only

    for physicists with secondary subject

    for geophysicists

    12:00–13:00 Lunch

    Information event I

    information about the study programs B. Sc. Physics and double bachelor’s/2FB programs

    Location: Hörsaal 1, 2 and seminar room geophysics

    The event will be streamed  online on Zoom.


    Campus Game

    Location: stairs in front of IG1

    from 18:00

    Pub night

    at Das Piano


  • 10:00–11:00

    Alternative date for the information event I

    Location: Hörsaal 1

    The event will be streamed live on zoom


    Welcome reception for freshmen by the rectorate

    The reception will take place at 11:00 in the Preußenstadion.

    For further information visit the University-Homepage.

    13:00–14:00 Lunch

    City Game

    Location: stairs in front of IG1

    from 19:00

    Barbecue evening

    at the lawn behind the IG1


  • 9:4511:00

    Lab tour in different laboratories of the faculty

    Location: stairs at the IG1


    Information event II

    (information about committees, IVV NWZ, WWU IT and BAföG)

    + book club

    Location: Hörsaal 1

    13:30–14:30 Lunch


    Construction contest

    Location: stairs at the IG1

    from 18:00

    Games night 

    Location: rooms in the KP

  • 11:00–12:00

    Presentation of the police

    Location:  Hörsaal 1

    12:00-13:00 Lunch
    13:00 - 15:00

    Information event III

    information about jDPG and other student organisations

    Plenum & Award ceremony

    Location: Hörsaal 1

    from 15:00

    Barbecue with remains