Bachelor–Master Day (BaMa Day)

The Bachelor-Master Day is supposed to bring you students in contact with the working groups at the department and thus show you the possible subject areas for bachelor and master theses.

The Bacherlor-Master Day will be held as a poster Session. After a brief introductury from the student council, the research groups will present themselves and possible topics for writing a theses in their group.  There you have the chance to inform yourself about possible topics  for your thesis and to get to know the people in the research groups.


Date 2022
Date 2022

The BaMa Day takes place on…

the 25th of October from 15:00 to 17:00 o'clock in the foyer of the IG1.

At 14:30 there is also a presentation by the students council about writing a bachelor or master thesis in general in the HS1.


Note about status of information

The general information on these pages was last updated for the BaMa Day 2023.
The information about the working groups is updated irregularly if the working group heads send us updates. Most of the information is still up-to-date, though. Please contact the working groups directly with concrete questions.